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The Blue Ajah at

The Blue Ajah

Meet the Blue Ajah
They're totally kickin' rad
Give to them brownies

What is Blue?

"The primary focus of the Blue Ajah is to champion worthy causes (thought worthy by Aes Sedai standards) and to promote justice. Skilled at political maneuvering, Blues are also able administrators. Since Artur Hawkwing's time, more Amyrlins have been raised from the Blue than from any other Ajah." The World of Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of Time", Chapter 24

The Blue Ajah of TarValon.Net carries some but not all of the characteristics of its book equivalent. For one, the Blue Ajah here is significantly larger than our counterpart in the books. Those of the Blue Ajah are strong and independent people who work both alone and together for their causes.

"I see you all as a family. And like most families, there are a bunch of distant cousins I barely know. But that doesn't mean that if you needed support I wouldn't be there for you. We all have fears and insecurities of some sort, we all have things in our past (or present) we're not proud of. In short, we are all human. I have never been prouder to have you all as sisters."
~ Padraigin al'Teirik, Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah, who passed away in 2010.

  • For Padra's Memorial pages see here

To course and cause I will stay true,
With strength in heart and soul so blue.
No friend or foe will bar my way,
Within the light is where I'll stay.
Involved, commitment set in stone,
To stand, if need be, all alone.
~ A poem by Mystica Ari'Yena

Blues on TarValon.Net

Blues are known for their ability to plot, but this isn't as negative as the term might suggest. Those of the Blue Ajah often "plot" together to pull surprises for each other--whether it be a new baby gift, a group birthday present or a thread to cheer someone up, they take pride in their ability to look out for themselves and each other.

At present, the Blue Ajah includes the largest amount of site admins across all of the groups on TarValon.Net. Our members hold positions from Director to Mistress of Revels, from Chat Operators to Forum Moderators. For a list of current site roles held by Blues, please see here.

Each Ajah has their traditions and posts, the Blue being no different. For example, each Blue Aes Sedai has the option of adopting a S'redit - a Seanchan animal often compared to elephants. We're known to enjoy brownies as well.

Welcome to the HQ of the Blue Ajah. Feel free to look around and learn a little more about the 'plotsy' Ajah and its wonderful membership!

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History of the Blue Ajah

Main article: History of the Blue Ajah

One of the oldest Ajahs at TarValon.Net, the Blue Ajah is the only Ajah to never have been headed by Eleyan Teyal Al'Landerin. The original Blue Aes Sedai, Gwendolyne Manshiera, founded the Tower with the Amyrlin over a bottle of Goldshlager.

For a list of Blues by seniority, see Raising Dates of Blue Sedai.

For a list of all the Blue Aspirants that ever existed, see Blue Aspirations.

How to Contact Us

As an Ajah we pride ourselves in being an approachable bunch! We have representatives all over the place, whether it be Directors, Moderators or Chat Operators! If you want to ask specific questions - or feel you don't know any one of our members enough to ask then please ask our Heart, Soul or Head of Ajah.

Head of Ajah - Nymala Sedai

Heart of the Blue - Alyria Sedai

Blue Who's Who