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Dai M'Hael, along with Val'Cueran and San d'ma Shadar was formed in January 2002, when it was felt that the male Senior Members needed their own Community Groups to be the equivalent of the Ajahs. At the time, it was decided to form it loosely along the lines of personality traits associated with Thalion Krisman, who was to be the first leader. The company was formed along the concept of leadership and planning, Dai M'Hael meaning "Battle Leaders" in the Old Tongue.

At formation, several Gaidin joined the company. The known members were:


Thalion led throughout the year, to be replaced by Val a'Shain at the beginning of 2003.

The next major event in the history of the Company was mid January, when the newly raised Soldier Toral Delvar decided to join. Val stepped down later that year to take on the position of Master at Arms and was replaced by Rollyn Montagorae.

In 2005, the Company was able to get rid of some of the dead wood when the Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb Company was formed and Sunri, Sataere and al'Cary all fled.

Rollyn later stepped down, and was replaced to Toral Delvar, who led the Company to undreamt of heights of prestige and influence, recognised by many as the greatest and most admirable of the Companies. He eventually stepped down as rotation was brought in, to be replaced by Naeris.


The company is currently led by Vendri al'Varrak.

Previous Company Commanders


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There are seventy-four people known to have been raised to Gaidin of Dai M'Hael, of which four have retired from the site.