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To your average man honor is an ideal. To the Val'Cueran it is a way of life.

The Val'Cueran are a company of Gaidin who share a common view on the world. A view that puts the needs of others above that of themselves. They are a brotherhood; a pack of wolves who rely on each other and would do their utmost to not let each other down.

While many Companies embody an idea like The Brains, The Brawn or The Jokers, Val'Cueran hold to a more traditional line that they simply are. One might call them The Heart, for it is one of the original Companies and is The Koyn Amyrlin's Company, with her having bonded two warders of Val'Cueran.

An unwritten code of honor is held by the brothers of Val'Cueran, something which in part accounts for the large ratio of servicemen who have found the company their home. This same honor tied in with a fierce loyalty has seen Val'Cueran as a popular choice for Aes Sedai looking for a warder who would ride into oblivion to keep his bond-mate safe.

As Valorian Edoras said,

All men of action claim duty, honor, and integrity as defining virtues. To do what must be done unflinchingly is a mark of courage. Yet these values alone cannot generate passion: rather, they are shadows of an inner light. Muscles are simply meat without life-blood to animate them; intelligence without purpose is cold and detached. The Heart Guard represents a motive force - hope and commitment, respect and resolve - energies which direct us to pursue dreams and aspire to causes. The blood of the Tower is its membership: people that care and feel and work, with the collective capacity for incredible accomplishment. Val'Cueran is our beating heart, a reminder of all that is possible and a catalyst for cooperative good.

Core Attribute: Devotion

The Val'Cueran Company of TarValon.Net

Company Officers
Company Staff
Tower Officers

Company Commander:
Atane Valthon
M'Hael Strategos:
Honor Guard:
Dar'Jen Ab Owain
M'Hael Tribunus:
Warder Council Members:
Atane Valthon and Gedhan Audax

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