Crossroads of Twilight: Chapter 10

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Author: Serenla Tamowith

Aes Sedai Symbol Chapter Icon.png

A Blazing Beacon

Chapter Icon: Ancient Aes Sedai Symbol

Point of View: Elayne

Setting: Andor, the Matherin Estate

Characters: Elayne, Elsie, Aviendha, Fridwyn Ros, Caseille Raskovni


Elayne and Aviendha visit Houses that support Elayne's claim over the Lion Throne.


Elayne is out visiting loyal Houses in her bid to claim the Lion Throne of Andor. She is dressing and preparing to leave Lord Aedmun's manor when the maid, Elsie shrieks. She claims to have seen a ghost. Elayne laughs at herself for fearing the Black Ajah has found her. She joins Aviendha downstairs and becomes irritated with Aviendha's mothering her because she is pregnant. She wonders where Rand is, though through the bond, she knows he is somewhere to the West. Aviendha reassures her that he is well, and if not, he will answer to her. They both laugh before sobering with fear for the man they both love.

Fridwyn Ros, the estate manager enters to tell Elayne that her bags are being stowed on the horses and the men being sent with her are mounted as they can. Elayne reassures Fridwyn that she is grateful for what they send, and the loyalty of the House. She and Aviendha join the Queen's Guard and the men from the estate. Caseille Raskovni, a lieutenant in the Guard, assures her that they are all ready to be on their way. As they ride, Aviendha questions whether these visits to the manors are worth it. They have only gathered young boys and old men. Elayne tells her it is very worth it. It lets the people see her and know that she is alive, well and can speak in her favor. She would visit every village in Andor if she had time. Aviendha says that she will learn a great deal about how to be a Wise One from her, which makes Elayne blush.

They reach the place where they arrived by gateway and Aviendha opens a new one. Elayne wonders if it is for practice or to keep her from channeling. She does not know if channeling will harm the child she carries. They are all startled by the blazing beacon of saidar suddenly being used to the west. She knows that Rand is in danger and wishes to go to him. Aviendha says they must not. They have no way of knowing what is actually happening and could be hurt by barging in. They argue a bit over it. Aviendha reminds Elayne of Rhuidean and the visions she saw in the ter'angreal. She cannot remember anything but bits and pieces, but she knows if they go to him now it will mean disaster. Elayne tells Aviendha that she has nothing to learn from Elayne about being a Wise One. She is already much wiser and braver than Elayne herself. They return to Caemlyn through the gateway.

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