Crossroads of Twilight: Chapter 11

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Author: Kiana A'Jadein

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Talk of Debts

Chapter Icon: The Lion of Andor

Point of View: Elayne

Setting: The Royal Palace, Caemlyn, Andor

Characters: Elayne, Aviendha, Birgitte, Merilille, Careane, Sareitha, Doilin Mellar, Vandene


Elayne and Aviendha return to Caemlyn where Elayne deals with some minor issues.


Elayne, Aviendha and an escort return to Caemlyn from visiting the minor houses via the Queen's Stableyard, with Elayne noting immediately that no one inside the palace is channeling saidar, even though that has never occurred before. Birgitte and the Guardswomen greet them; Birgitte immediately joins Aviendha so they might discuss Elayne's health and habits.

Irritated over their mothering, the amount of Guardswomen surrounding her at all times, and a headache via the bond due to excessive drinking on Birgitte's part, Elayne attempts to put them in place, but only succeeds in making Aviendha blush.

While wondering why Birgitte has not been Healed, Elayne is told that Dyelin has not returned and thinks over how, out of over four hundred Houses, only ten of the major nineteen have to stand to elect a queen. Arymilla already has six Houses behind her to Elayne's two. Dyelin is sure three others will come, but Elayne is unsure because those three Houses seem determined to put Dyelin on the throne.

Birgitte grumbles over the new recruits brought in from the minor Houses, but goes on to tell of how she had asked Sumeko for Healing only to have Sumeko pass out. She mentions that the Kin and the Windfinders were all behaving oddly.

Elayne explains briefly about the beacon of saidar and its connection, somehow, to Rand and receives sympathy from Aviendha and Birgitte in return. All agree there is nothing that can be done for it when they run into Vandene, Merilille, Sareitha, and Careane.

Elayne notes that Vandene appears to be wearing one of Adeleas' dresses as Vandene walks off, avoiding Sareitha's attempts to stop her. After accepting the remaining Aes Sedai's curtsies, Elayne remarks that she does not know what the beacon of saidar is, and, despite many arguments, puts down the idea of running away from it.

After this, the other sisters turn to complaining about Vandene not teaching the Sea Folk, but Elayne stamps this down as well.

Shortly after, Captain Mellar arrives with Birgitte telling all that Mellar led a sortie at the gate without orders, leaving the Gate open the whole time. Sareitha protests and insists Mellar was a hero in his actions. When asked about his actions by Elayne, Mellar proudly admits allowing eighty men into Caemlyn, and Elayne notes aloud that because their liege lord is not committed to her, the men will have to be watched at all times and places him with the task.

Sareitha continues to defend him and goes so far as to accuse Elayne of forgetting her debt from his act of saving her life. Elayne dismisses them while thinking Adeleas' killer lies among the three and making a vow to repay her debts.

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