Crossroads of Twilight: Chapter 12

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Author: Kiana A'Jadein

Two Gulls Chapter Icon.png

A Bargain

Chapter Icon: Two gulls, wings outspread, facing each other

Point of View: Elayne

Setting: The Royal Palace, Caemlyn, Andor

Characters: Elayne, Aviendha, Birgitte, Zaida din Parede, Chanelle, Shielyn


Elayne makes a new bargain with the Sea Folk who want to leave and attain a meeting where a new Mistress of the Ships would be chosen. She ends up agreeing on giving them Merilille as a teacher for a year as well as one square mile of good Andoran ground by the river in exchange of nine Windfinders who she will use until she secures her crown and who will only make gateways.


After the encounter with the other Aes Sedai, Elayne and Aviendha decide to take warm baths, each accepting varying degrees of assistance from Elayne's maids. Much to the displeasure of the Chief Maid, Birgitte sits nearby and discusses the merchant's trains from Tear bringing grain and rumor that High Lord Darlin, the Steward of Tear, was under attack by nobles hoping to oust the Dragon Reborn.

While bathing, Elayne thinks about her eagerness to hear of both her brother, Gawyn, and her half-brother, Galad. In the midst of this, Birgitte announces that two sisters, Green and Gray, came to Caemlyn to an inn called the Silver Swan, while two others, Yellow and Brown, left. Elayne thinks on hearing rumor that Cadsuane Sedai has come out of retirement.

In the middle of her thoughts on the inner webs of the White Tower, the sounds of an argument flows in from the antechamber. Slipping into her robe, Elayne follows a snarling Birgitte and naked Aviendha to find Zaida, Chanelle, and Shielyn of the Sea Folk waiting for her.

Elayne's attempts to dismiss the Atha'an Miere are ignored as Zaida announces that Nesta din Reas Two Moons, the Mistress of the Ships, has died and that she must Travel to meet the First Twelve in order to choose a new leader. She demands three sisters go with her as a start to the payment of previous bargains.

Elayne notes dismally that without the Windfinders' strength, Caemlyn will soon begin to go hungry, as most of the Kin are not strong enough to hold a gateway.

Over tea, Elayne points out that the Atha'an Miere were promised twenty teachers chosen by the Amyrlin Seat, but that if Windfinders no longer helped Caemlyn, the bargain would be void. Zaida returns the point by demanding Merilille Sedai go, to which Elayne agrees but mentally adds a clause in case she discovers Merilille to be Black Ajah.

The two continue to banter over Windfinders staying until an agreement is reached giving Elayne nine Windfinders who would obey her word until her crown was secured and only agreeing to make gateways, while giving the Sea Folk Merilille Sedai for a year as well as one square mile of good Andoran ground by the river for trade.

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