Crossroads of Twilight: Chapter 2

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Author: Andra Mikolan

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Two Captains

Chapter Icon: A S'redit

Point of View: Mat

Setting: Ebou Dar, two miles north of the city, the camp of Valan Luca's traveling show

Characters: Mat, Egeanin, Valan Luca, Bayle Domon, Juilin Sandar


Seanchan soldiers are at the camp of the travelling show requiring horses but it is enough alert everyone.


Mat, Egeanin and Noal arrive back at the camp of the traveling show to find Seanchan soldiers speaking with Luca. The story the performers know is that Egeanin is a Seanchan noblewoman who fell in love with Mat and they are running away from her husband. Their various companions are servants and friends who couldn't be left behind. The Seanchan soldiers only want horses, but Luca's permit, signed by High Lady Suroth, convinces them to leave the horses. It makes Luca nervous, though, and he tells Mat that they should have left days before. Mat agrees and tells him that it is time to go. While the camp begins to dismantle, the dice start to roll in Mat's head.

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