Crossroads of Twilight: Chapter 4

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Author: Andra Mikolan

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The Tale of a Doll

Chapter Icon: Insect like Helmet

Point of View: Furyk Karede

Setting: The city of Ebou Dar. A room at The Wandering Woman, the inn formerly owned by Setalle Anan

Characters: Furyk Karede, Ajimbura, Almurat Mor


Furyk, a Deathwatch Guard, decides to leave Ebou Dar in search of Tuon.


Furyk is staying at the Wandering Woman. As one of the Deathwatch Guard, he was charged with guarding the High Lady Tuon. He recounts what search methods have been tried in the last ten days. This is not the first time Tuon has disappeared. Mor comes to Furyk. As a Seeker for Truth, he tries to intimidate Furyk into searching harder by telling the story of Furyk's long history of protecting Tuon, showing that he knows it.

Furyk makes plans to leave the city to search and does so with many soldiers, including damane and sul'dam, as well as a troop of Ogier Gardeners. He does it, though convinced that he will not find her until she wants to be found.

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