The Wandering Woman

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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

The Wandering Woman is an inn in Ebou Dar. The innkeeper is a woman named Setalle Anan. It is a wide building across the square from the Tarasin Palace. Inside, the common room has a high ceiling, with arched windows screened behind wooden shutters carved into arabesques (LoC, Ch. 37).

Mat and members of his Band stay there for a time whilst in the city before moving into the palace. After the Seanchan arrive, all the rooms are taking by high ranking officers (TPoD, Ch. 18). During this time, Setalle hides Joline in the basement (WH, Ch. 29). When she leaves with Mat, she makes arrangements to sell the Inn to Lydel Elonid (WH, Ch. 29).


Setalle Anan - Innkeeper

Marah Anan

Ross Anan

Frielle Anan

Leral Anan




"Mistress Anan, I feel like I've come home." (Mat, Lord of Chaos, Chapter 47)

"As you say, my Lady. But I hope you will remember that The Wandering Woman is my ship." (Setalle, to Egeanin, The Path of Daggers, Chapter 19).