Crossroads of Twilight: Chapter 6

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Author: Serenla Tamowith

Wheel and Serpent Chapter Icon.png

Scent of a Dream

Chapter Icon: Wheel and Serpent

Point of View: Perrin

Setting: Ghealdan trailing the Shaido

Characters: Perrin, Aram, Berelain, Annoura, Masuri


Perrin finds tracks left by Darkhounds. It's confirmed that Masema was dealing with Seanchan.


Perrin rides away from the camp to wait for scouts with news of the Shaido. He catches the scent of Darkhounds about an hour old. The hounds circled the camp then went south. They were not after anyone in the camp, but circled because they sensed ta'veren. He sends Aram to tell the others in camp. As he approaches the start of the trail, he sees Mayeners and Wise Ones. Berelain approaches him with a basket of food. Her scent confuses him, there is no hunting smell.

Berelain reminds him that he needs to take care of himself or his followers will lose respect for him. She informs him that she's had her thief catchers in Masema's camp. She passes him a document in the basket. It is a letter of protection from High Lady Suroth. This confirms that Masema is dealing with the Seanchan.

Neither of the thief catchers have returned or been found. Perrin informs Berelain that Annoura and Masuri have been meeting with Masema, which alarms her.

Berelain determines to find out what Annoura is up to. As they ride back to the others, she teases Perrin about Aram's tale of Heartsbane riding the woods in the Wild Hunt. Some of the soldiers laugh until Perrin shows them the tracks.

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