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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion. Other information about the character is also included in the Companion, but we did not use it in the TarValon.Net Library.

Author: Ilissa al'Nari


Annoura Larisen is an Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah. She cannot be called beautiful with her broad face, wide mouth and beak of a nose. She has the ageless face of an Aes Sedai, and has been among the senior initiates of the Tower for well over twenty years. Her long hair is braided in the Taraboner fashion, and her accent places her origin from there as well (ACoS, Ch. 5).

According to Perrin, she seems to be unsure whether she should help and encourage Berelain's interest in him or be exasperated by it (WH, Ch. 2), and he also claims she is almost diffident for an Aes Sedai (CoT, Ch. 7). Though she is not an apprentice, the Wise Ones sometimes succeed in treating her as one (KoD, Ch. 29).


  • In the years after the Aiel War, she worked on making the Grand Coalition (what the countries who finally rose against the Aiel called their alliance) more than a name, but her efforts do not appear to have born much fruit (ACoS, Ch. 19).
  • She seems to have been the advisor of Berelain, the First of Mayene, for at least a few years when Rand, Perrin and others return to Cairhien. After Rand left the first time, Berelain and Faile has become the retainers of the Lady Colavaere Saighan, who against Rand's orders has taken the throne of Cairhien. Colavaere told Annoura that she is to advise her, but instead she provides the proof Rand needs do condemn Colavaere in the matter of the deaths of two of the Lords; the Lord Maringil of Cairhien and the High Lord Meilan of Tear (ACoS, Ch. 5). After Colavaere was deposed, she and Merean are made to follow Cadsuane, and the Green questions them on everything they know while revealing very little of her own plans (ACoS, Ch. 19).
  • Together with Berelain, Annoura is sent to Alliandre to investigate whether or not the Queen of Ghealdan is ready to swear an oath of fealty to Rand (ACoS, Ch. 19). The two are followed by the Lord Commander of Berelain's Winged Guard, Gallenne, and the three of them return with Queen Alliandre shortly after Elyas has come to the camp with Gaul. Alliandre swears fealty to Perrin, a fact that shocks Annoura somewhat, but soon after she is aiding Faile's plan in tying the Queen closer to Perrin, though her reasons for doing so are uncertain (TPoD, Ch. 10).
  • Annoura Heals Perrin when he gets lethally sick while standing in the snow waiting for news of Faile after she has been taken by the Shaido. According to Berelain, she was afraid he would die even after she had used her powers (WH, Ch. 5). Together with Masuri, she visits Masema without Berelain or Perrin's knowledge, but since Masuri is one of the pair, Perrin suspects the Wise Ones not only know but approve of it (WH, Ch. 6).
  • Annoura, with Perrin, the Wise One Marline, and others, go to look over the Shaido camp where Faile and the others are held. She is shocked to hear that the Wise Ones with the ability to channel among the Shaido could number as many as five hundred women. Shortly after, she demands that they go investigate what the usage of the immense amount of the One Power is, but that is refused by Perrin (CoT, Ch. 8).
  • At So Habor, she and Berelain plan how to approach the city as well as lead the negotiations for fodder and other necessities. Annoura uses the Power to light up the barn when Perrin says he wants to check the items they are buying (CoT, Ch. 26; Ch. 27).
  • A rift has formed between Berelain and Annoura (KoD, Ch. 4).
  • Annoura takes part in the battle against the Shaido (KoD, Ch. 29).
  • During the Last Battle, Annoura locates Galad on the battlefield after his fight with Demandred and brings him back to the hospital in Mayene. She does this in an attempt to repay her debt to Berelain. In the process, she burns herself out (AMoL, Ch. 37).


Annoura is the Aes Sedai advisor to Berelain, the First of Mayene (ACoS, Ch. 5); this relationship seems to cool off a bit as Perrin unfolds her dealings with Masema (ACoS, Ch. 26). Through Berelain she is also knit together with Perrin and the Wise Ones, however reluctantly.

Because of her dealings with Masema, her relationship with Berelain is not as close (ToM, Ch. 2).

She obeys Cadsuane without question and seems to be awed by the older and (probably) significantly stronger Green (ACoS, Ch. 19). It can also appear as she stands lower than Masuri; at least she obeys when the Brown tells her to come over to her and the Wise Ones as Masema approaches the camp to tell Perrin about So Habor and the possibilities there (CoT, Ch. 27).


"I thought you were dead!" (Said to Cadsuane; A Crown of Swords, Chapter 18)

"A matter for Aes Sedai. It concerns no one else." (The Path of Daggers, Chapter 10)

"Sometimes you are a very large fool, Perrin Aybara. Quite often, in fact." (Winter's Heart, Chapter 2)

"He believes every word he says, but where does his belief lead him?" (Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 7)

"You are ta'veren, yes, but you are still only a thread in the Pattern, as am I. In the end, even the Dragon Reborn is just a thread to be woven into the Pattern. Not even a ta'veren thread chooses how it will be woven." (Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 27)