Danine Candraed

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Danine Candraed is an Andoran noble, and the High Seat of House Candraed (CoT, Ch. 13).

Danine is very indecisive. Dyelin comments that it must take her until noon just to decide which side of the mattress to climb down from everyday (CoT, Prologue). During the Succession, before Morgase took the throne, Danine did not declare for anyone and instead spent the Succession visiting her manors (KoD, Ch. 35).


  • In an attempt to win support for House Trakand for the throne of Andor, Dyelin visits Danine, but she was not able to make a decision. Dyelin says that it was clear to her within the first hour that Danine would not be able to make up her mind, but she had to stay three to be polite (CoT, Ch. 13).
  • Dyelin pays another visit to Danine, but she still cannot decide whether or not to support Elayne (KoD, Ch. 35).


Elayne thinks to herself that Dyelin would have the support of more than ten Houses if she made a bid for the throne, and that even Danine Candraed might finally decide to stir herself in support of Dyelin (KoD, Ch. 17).

Danine lives in the west (KoD, Ch. 35).

Elayne asks Dyelin if she is sure that she does not want to be queen, because even Danine Candraed would stand for her (KoD, Ch. 35).

Ellorien tells Elayne that if she is waiting for Danine to make ten Houses, she'll have a long wait (KoD, Ch. 35).

Elayne thinks to herself that she still needs one more House, and that it looks like Candraed will need to be it, as she does not think that Abelle, Aemlyn, Arathelle, Ellorien, Luan, or Pelivar will support her. Elayne knows, however, that Danine will never move if she thinks that Elayne is trying to force her into it (KoD, Ch. 17).


"As fine a week's work as I've ever done, if I do say so myself. I got Candraed out of the way straight off. I never thought Danine would be able to make up her mind, and it only took an hour to prove me right, though I had to stay three to keep from offending her. The woman must keep in bed till noon from being unable to decide which side of the mattress to climb down from!" (Dyelin to Elayne; Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 13)

Dyelin had paid another visit to Danine Candraed in the west, but the woman still dithered. Elayne had nine Houses where she needed ten, everything hung in the balance, and Danine could not bloody decide whether or not to stand for Trakand. (Elayne; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 35)