Knife of Dreams: Chapter 35

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Author: Isarma Maracanda

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The Importance of Dyelin

Chapter Icon: The Lion of Andor

Point of View: Elayne

Setting: Caemlyn, Andor

Characters: Elayne, Hanselle Renshar, Dyelin, Reene Harfor, Halwin Norry, Melfane Dawlish, Birgitte, Sylvase Caeren, Conail Northan, Catalyn Haevin, Branlet Gilyard, Perival Mantear, Lir Baryn, Karind Anshar, Luan Norwelyn, Arathelle Renshar, Pelivar Coelan, Aemlyn Carand, Ellorien Traemane, Abelle Pendar


Elayne gathers all the support she needs for obtaining the Lion Throne.


Elayne is in a small sitting room with Dyelin and Mistress Harfor, giving audience to Hanselle Renshar, Lady Arathelle's grandson. He is a messenger, asking for Elayne to give safe conduct to the nobles from the uncommitted Houses, who are waiting outside Caemlyn with an army of sixty thousand armsmen. Elayne has nine Houses supporting her, but she needs ten, and her army is smaller. Finally she decides to write the safe conduct for Lord Luan Norwelyn, Lady Arathelle Renshar, Lord Pelivar Coelan, Lady Aemlyn Carand, Lady Ellorien Traemane and Lord Abelle Pendar and requests an audience in the afternoon to discuss the Borderlanders. When Hanselle leaves, Elayne asks Dyelin if she would accept to become the Queen, but Dyelin refuses, saying that Elayne is the Daughter-Heir and that her connection to the Dragon Reborn may be useful.

Mistress Harfor makes a report on spies, and Master Norry explains that neither the Black sisters nor Daved Hanlon will give useful information. Elayne suggests to request the loan of Lady Sylvase Caeren's secretary who is an experienced torturer.

Elayne has lunch with Birgitte and they discuss the uncommitted nobles. Birgitte used to drink too much to dull the pain of losing Gaidal Cain, but now she has given up because of Elayne's babies. They both think that the nobles came to ask Elayne to help against the Borderlanders.

In the afternoon, the nobles arrive at the Palace and Elayne greets them in the Grand Hall. She wears the coronet of the Daughter-Heir but won't sit on the Lion Throne. Dyelin is already there and warns Elayne that Ellorien may be provocative. She is, indeed, but Luan cuts her off and tells Elayne they've come to ask for a truce. Dyelin reminds them that she stands for Trakand and won't claim the throne. Luan still wants a truce to deal with the Borderlanders. Elayne explains that the Borderlanders should be peacefully leaving for Murandy, and how she dealt with them, using her rank of Aes Sedai. Ellorien has to admit that Elayne did right. Abelle asks then if Elayne has plans to deal with the Black Tower. Elayne won't do anything except having them watched to ensure that they respect Andoran laws. After a long pause, Abelle and Luan say they stand for Trakand. Elayne knows she has won the throne, but the more Houses support her the better. Then Arathelle, Pelivar and Aemlyn say the same, but Elayne knows that they do it for Dyelin, not for her. Ellorien won't stand for Trakand but she says Traemane will follow the Lion of Andor when Tarmon Gai'don comes.

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