Delving (Health)

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The ability to use the One Power to diagnose physical symptoms and conditions (The Path of Daggers, Glossary). Ability to Delve does not necessarily correlate with the ability to Heal, and some poor Healers, such as Sheriam are still able to Delve adequately (TDR, Ch. 23). Nynaeve tries to find a better way of establishing what is wrong with a person, but has no success (WH, Ch. 11). It is a weave of spirit (TGS, Ch. 32).



"Soon, only the most careful Delving would tell that anything had been done, and not even that would identify the weave. Verin had tested that carefully, and if she did say so herself, none surpassed her at Delving" (The Path of Daggers, Prologue).

"Delving had told her everything that ailed him." (Samitsu, Crossroads of Twilight, Prologue).

"She had not expected to find poison... yes she could see it easily through the Delving. Tarchrot leaf" (Nynaeve, Delving Milisair, The Gathering Storm, Chapter 32).