The Dragon Reborn: Chapter 23

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Author: Cursor Wrathwind

Wheel and Serpent Chapter Icon.png


Chapter Icon: Wheel and Serpent

Point of View: Egwene

Setting: The White Tower

Characters: Egwene, Sheriam, Siuan, Elaida, Alanna, Elayne, Nynaeve


Egwene is raised Accepted.


Egwene steps out of the arch, shouting why is there nothing but for her to abandon Rand again and again and watch him die. The Aes Sedai seem surprised when Sheriam tells them Egwene is unharmed. The Amyrlin washes her clean of everything that is tied to her, and tells her she is now sealed to the White Tower. The Amyrlin vows to find out what went wrong before leaving.

Sheriam gives Egwene the Great Serpent ring. Egwene thanks Elaida, and Elaida tells her that she did not want her brought forward because she is a wilder, a wilder in spirit and a wilder in ways and that it would have been far better for her to settle for learning how to stay alive. As Egwene is walking with Sheriam and asking what happened, Alanna joins them and tells her the reverberation came back a thousand fold, as if it was trying to shut them off from the Power. Alanna says she will seek punishment from the Amyrlin for not doing what she should have done. She tells Egwene that the only time she has experienced such a reverberation was when a ter'angreal was used in the same room with another one in some way related to it.

Egwene then asks Alanna what it means to be Green Ajah. Alanna explains that you must love men. She says that they are known as the Battle Ajah and stand ready to face the Shadowspawn armies at Tarmon Gai'don. The Amyrlin then joins the three women. The Amyrlin refuses to allow Alanna to work in the Kitchens, and tells her to talk to Sheriam if she desires punishment, and suggests Egwene get to sleep before leaving them. Sheriam begins to tirade Alanna before noticing Egwene and sends her to bed, warning her to keep her mouth shut.

Egwene enters Nynaeve's room to find Elayne sobbing into Nynaeve's lap with a Great Serpent ring on her hand. She says that she couldn't be that awful and Egwene breaks down and cries beside her. Nynaeve tells them to hush, and that it will ease with time.



  • Sheriam Delves Egwene - Is this a different thing to what Verin did in the Stedding, or did Verin somehow have access to the Power?


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  • Siuan allows Alanna to go to Sheriam, but not to make this public - this is a very different style of leadership than we later see from Elaida
  • It is possible that Verin had a Well, which would have allowed her to Delve, but as no one remarked on it, it is likely it was not unusual

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