Director of the Department of Philanthropy

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This was an Executive position in the Department of Philanthropy. It worked closely with the Amyrlin and Keeper to fully develop the charitable aspects of our community.

Chain of Command

The Director of Responsibility reported to the Keeper

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Spend at least 15 hours a week, particularly in the beginning, establishing this Department and performing duties related to this Department's functions.
  • Handle the selection and training of admins and staff in your Department
  • Keep track of all of our community's philanthropic efforts, both the progress of things that we plan and the members who give.
  • Help plan and execute all of our community's philanthropic efforts
  • Be on the lookout for new charities and ways of giving back to our communities, online and offline.
  • Standard Executive things, such as providing counsel to the Officers when needed, monthly reports, etc
  • Be flexible and able to handle/work around emergencies.
  • Work to broadcast and advertise our philanthropic efforts via whatever means available.


  • Must currently be a Senior Member with at least one year's good standing.
  • Must be knowledgeable about philanthropic/charitable organizations and endeavors.
  • Must be a hard-working, driven, and creative self-starter. This position will be doing a lot of coming up with new ideas, tweaking, discarding, and more tweaking. You must be able to deal with the exhausting creative process and endless tweaking that will occur for a long time. You must have the patience and drive to take a Department and make it from scratch, without someone watching over your shoulder constantly.
  • Tact and discretion are a must. This position will most likely deal with information about members in need, and you absolutely must be able to keep such information quiet.
  • Must be able to access the boards, or at least email, on a regular basis. This is not a position that will easily tolerate someone who is frequently out of communication for several days.
  • Having a love for philanthropy and making the world a better place through community efforts is definitely necessary. You should really believe in this side of our community and be able to dream big for what you want to see us accomplish, and be able to keep dreaming even if we don't realize your dreams.


The position was created when the Department was created and ended when the department transitioned to the Department of Community Outreach