Else Grinwell

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Author: Val a'Shain



Else Grinwell is the daughter of Master Grinwell and Mistress Grinwell who owns a farm along the Caemlyn Road between Whitebridge and Arien. She is about a year younger than Rand, dark-haired, big-eyed, and pretty. She wears her hair in pigtails (TEotW, Ch. 31).

Else later goes to Tar Valon to become a novice. Nobody seems to think she'll get very far, as she is lazy and seems more interested in the young men training with the Warders (TGH, Ch. 24).


  • In early 998 NE Rand and Mat stop at the Grinwell farm to ask for work in return for a meal and a night's shelter. They meet the oldest daughter of Master Grinwell who seems to like Rand a lot. Mistress Grinwell is less than pleased about that (TEotW, Ch. 31).
  • After Mat is Healed in 999 NE, he seems to meet Else in the White Tower. She wants nothing to do with him (TDR, Ch. 24).


Else's attention makes Rand feel uncomfortable (TEotW, Ch. 31).

Elayne thinks Else is a lazy chit (TGH, Ch. 24).

Like most women Else is very impressed by Galad's good looks. He doesn't notice her though (TGH, Ch. 38).


  • Mat pretends to be Else's brother when he visits the court in Caemlyn to deliver Elayne's message to Queen Morgase (TDR, Ch. 46).


"You play so beautifully. I never heard anything so beautiful." (Else to Rand when he plays the flute to entertain the Grinwells; The Eye of the World, Chapter 31)

"I know you," she said. Her manner was not as he remembered, either; he thought she could give Elayne lessons now. "I have... work to be about. Let me by." (Lanfear, disguised as Else to Mat after his Healing in the Tower; The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 24)