The Great Hunt: Chapter 38

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Author: Ismene Gillandred

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Chapter Icon: Flame of Tar Valon

Point of View: Egwene

Setting: Egwene's novice quarters in the White Tower at Tar Valon

Characters: Egwene, Nynaeve, Min, Elayne, Liandrin


Liandrin tells Egwene and Nynaeve that Rand is in danger and she can take them to Toman Head to help him.


The chapter opens with Egwene, Nynaeve and Min sitting in Egwene's spartan novice quarters in the White Tower. Egwene is sitting on her bed and juggling balls of light made of saidar. She loves channeling, and is finding that she has quite a bit of difficulty in restraining herself from channeling nearly non-stop despite any warnings that it is dangerous and that she runs a risk of burning herself out. Nynaeve is grimly pacing back and forth and ignoring the other girls. Min is sitting on a stool and gossips about novice Else's crush on Galad. After a bit of blushing, Egwene admits that she thinks that Galad is good looking. Min warns her that he is a good person, but that her viewings show her that he lacks compassion, "He'd hurt a person because he had to serve a greater good."

Elayne bursts in and announces that King Galldrian is dead and there's a civil war on in Cairhien. Min scoffs at the news and mentions other conflicts including rumors of war in Cairhien, war on Toman Head, war in Tear over a false Dragon being caught in Saldaea. She also mentions a rumor that Artur Hawkwing's armies in Tanchico.

Egwene mentions seeing the gentled Logain sitting around and crying in one of the Tower courtyards, and secretly worries about Rand being gentled. She privately muses that she hasn't had any important seeming dreams lately, but she reports all of her dreams to Anaiya Sedai, trying to see if she has a Dreaming Talent.

Nynaeve is still pacing. Min whispers to Elayne that Nynaeve got in a fistfight with Accepted Irella and that she's just come back from Sheriam, the Mistress of Novices' office. Overhearing them gossiping about her makes Nynaeve angry enough to channel a wind that knocks Min off of her chair. Nynaeve offers to let Min turn her in to Sheriam, the Mistress of Novices, but the two girls forgive each other instead. Elayne runs to the door to check if anyone has seen. From the balcony, she can see that it rained last night. Even though it is noon, most of the novices have returned from the Tower gardens and are spending their freeday catching up on sleep.

Elayne joins Egwene in juggling balls of light and Nynaeve threatens to turn them in for channeling without permission. The One Power sharpens Egwene's senses. Nynaeve worries that they are not cautious enough in their training. Nynaeve tells them that she is terrified that she will draw too much of the Power and "burn to a crisp." Elayne replies that the only thing that terrifies her is that she has to wash dishes all the time. Elayne admits that she considers running off with the Traveling People, but Nynaeve reminds her that she cannot run from saidar because it is everywhere.

Elayne asks Min to do a viewing for them, and Min refuses, saying she doesn't like to read friends. Just at that moment, Min has a viewing that they will all be in great danger soon. Elayne tries to lighten the mood by telling Min that she should wear a dress to attract her brother Gawyn's attention. Min says she prefers to wear boy's clothes.

Liandrin Sedai of the Red Ajah bursts into their room. This is unusual because they hadn't heard of Liandrin returning to the White Tower yet, and usually if an Aes Sedai wants to speak to a novice, the novice is sent for. Aes Sedai almost never come directly to the novice quarters. The room is crowded with five people in it.

Liandrin tells Nynaeve that because she is an Accepted she shouldn't continue to stay friends with novices. Liandrin then orders Elayne and Min to leave. Egwene is eager to hear if Liandrin has some news of Rand. Liandrin tells the Emond's Fielders that Rand, Mat and Perrin are in danger, but that the girls can help. Liandrin hints that she has been working with Moiraine who is concerned for the boys' safety. Liandrin tells the girls to meet her that evening in the nearby Ogier grove where she will take them to Toman Head, frightens them by mentioning the Black Ajah and leaves.

Nynaeve and Elayne worry that Liandrin, a member of the Red Ajah, may have unpleasant plans for Rand. They are puzzled at the idea of Moiraine and Liandrin working together. Elayne and Min return, having eavesdropped on the conversation from the other room and are determined to accompany Nynaeve and Egwene. Min tells them that her viewing gives her a sense that they should stick together. Nynaeve starts making plans for their departure and Egwene privately continues to worry about Rand.


Visions and Prophecy


  • "She is linked to - to those boys as much as you, or Egwene, or me. She's part of it, Nynaeve, whatever it is. Part of the Pattern, I suppose an Aes Sedai would say"

Character Development

  • After 13 weeks, Egwene still fails as often as she succeeds when she tries to grasp saidar.
  • She doesn’t think it likely she will marry Rand.
  • Says she might pick up Rand if Egwene discards him.
  • Says it is hard for her not to reach out and grasp saidar. A little odd for her to say, as she can't channel unless angry as she is blocked.

He has been asking after Egwene


Did Thom kill Galldrian?

We can assume so, it seems too much of a coincidence otherwise.

Has Taim really been caught?
Did Moiraine really send a letter?
What danger are they in?


First mention



This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.


Did Thom kill Galldrian?

He later talks about the trouble killing a man can cause, even when the man deserved it.

Has Taim really been caught?

Taim is still free and isn't captured until his horse throws him when Rand proclaims himself at Falme.

Did Moiraine really send a letter?

Most likely not.

What danger are they in?

Danger from Liandrin.

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