Fall Ball 2003

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Fall Ball 2003
Location Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Date November 7-9, 2003
Local Liaison

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Fall Ball 2003 was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 7-9, at the Alladin Hotel and Casino.


By: Eleyan Teyal Al'Landerin in the Tower Parties Forum on the Old Boards

Tower members descended en masse on Las Vegas, Nevada for the 3rd annual Fall Ball at the Aladdin Hotel and Resort. Members crammed into the luxurious rooms complete with views of the strips and oversized bathtubs and spent the weekend dining, shopping and gambling together, as well as going on one of several tours arranged by helpful members. These tours included finding hotels with theming that looked like a place out of the Wheel of Time, searching hotels for the ever elusive monkey-trolloc, hanging out with Klingon's in the Star Trek universe at the Hilton, and exploring the Hoover Dam.

Saturday night saw all members gathered in a panoramic suite with sweeping views of the Strip and the Belagio fountain show. The evening began with the wedding of two of our members: Lyoness and Jakeb. Amara caught the bouquet! After a touching ceremony, we proceeded to our traditional toasting round, and became fairly toasty ourselves. The Philanthropist Award was given to David of Jargonia for his consistent and generous contributions to the community, and the Service Award went to our Treasurer Oskana Sedai in recognition of the incredible job she does managing our monetary assets.

Katarianna and Jarin (with the help of their family) presented the Amyrlin Seat with an impressive throne, designed to be taken apart and shipped to each official event. And so, the Amyrlin Seat finally has an Amyrlin's Seat. And yes, she was so surprised she got teary eyed!

We witnessed the raising of Mar'Alex to Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah before moving on to our other traditional festivities. Our auction was incredibly successful, with some of our volunteers raising hundreds of dollars for the site. Our Sa'sara competition made the men's blood boil and the dancing was fierce (the prize was a $40 box of Godiva chocolates and truffles). Our four contestants brought distinctly different interpretations to the dance and certainly raised the bar of excellence! Cataia managed to win the day with her sultry moves and smokey eyes. She then proceeded to share her prize with the Amyrlin and judges!

All in all, the entire weekend was a great deal of fun in an exciting place.


Friday night

Watching "The Tournament of Kings" (a medieval dinner and jousting show) at the Excalibur

Saturday Morning and Afternoon

Several tours will be available for those wishing to either gamble together, see casino themes while shopping, or see more theatre

Saturday Evening

Toast, awards ceremony, costumed Ball, auction, Sa'sara contest, and a wedding






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25 people attended Fall Ball 2003.


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