Fall Ball 2010

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Fall Ball 2010
Location Washington, DC, USA
Date November 5-7, 2010
Local Liaison Adolla Ceryia

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Fall Ball 2010 was held in Washington, DC, November 5-7.


By: Soronhen Ciryaher in the Tar Valon Times

Friday was a day for checking in and getting acclimated. Some members took advantage of arriving early and headed out to get a bit of tourist scouting in. Nearly the entire group piled into the Metro for a short ride to the Brickskellar Inn, where we enjoyed an early dinner and some drinks. Opening ceremonies followed later on Friday evening and was without any actual ceremonies this year, but I thought our group telling of the founding story was quite entertaining. And let us not forget the night's traditional Goldschläger toast! A few card games and socializing provided the night's entertainment, along with keeping our "coffee" cups full.

Saturday was the real beginning of the sightseeing for most of us, and saw a good portion of the group off early for a tour of the White House. A few of the night owls didn't get out to explore the city early, but I think everyone agreed that there was just too much to see not to get out and enjoy it. A Towers of Midnight signing with Brandon Sanderson and Harriet McDougal took place Saturday afternoon. A nice semi-formal dinner was provided at the hotel Saturday night, followed by a trip out to explore the inside of a local pub. Sunday saw a farewell brunch and a bit more sightseeing for those traveling later in the day. The sun also peeked out on Sunday; most of the weekend was overcast.

This was one of the best locations we've had since I started attending official parties. So much great history to see everywhere that you traveled in the city, and transportation was made so easy with the Metro covering almost the entire area. Be sure to check out more photos from Karassa, Nandi, and myself. We'll see you all in Chattanooga next year!


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24 people attended Fall Ball in Washington, DC.


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