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Author: Val a'Shain

All references from The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 8 and Chapter 9


Simion works at the Harilin's Leap inn in the town of Jarra in Ghealdan, not far from the border with Amadicia. He is described as a fellow with a wide mouth and no chin to speak of. Perrin thinks he looks like a frog.

At first glance Simion appears to be a commoner who doesn't know much of the world beyond his own village. He does recognize Moiraine for what she is, though, and is quite capable of thinking for himself. Despite that he still thinks Trollocs and Ogier are children's tales. He also recognizes Perrin as one of the "Darkfriends" the Whitecloaks are looking for.

Simion is brother to Noam, one of the three Wolfbrothers we know about.


  • Simion welcomes Perrin, Loial, Lan and Moiraine to the Harilin's Leap. He clearly has never seen an Ogier before.
  • Simion tells them about the unusual "plague" of weddings that took place in the village the day before Perrin's company arrived.
  • Simion takes them to their rooms and tells them about a strange incident involving a Whitecloak patrol.
  • When Simion takes Perrin and Loial to their room Perrin asks him about Rand. He has seen Rand. Simion deduces that Moiraine is Aes Sedai from Perrin's words. He asks Perrin if she can help his brother.
  • Moiraine agrees to help and she and Perrin go see Simion's brother (Simion doesn't realize how close he came to being disposed of by Lan). It turns out that Noam lost his human side and is now a wolf. Moiraine can't help him. Perrin explains it is more humane to set Noam free so he can be a wolf instead of wasting away in his cage. Reluctantly Simion agrees.
  • Simion reveals he knows Perrin is wanted by the Whitecloaks. He promises not to betray Perrin and help him remain unnoticed.


Perrin thinks Simion is a good man. He is ashamed that he thought of Simion as a frog initially.

Simion cares for his brother.

Simion is somewhat afraid of Loial.


  • Simion has been to Jehannah once and saw two Aes Sedai there.
  • Like most people in Jarra, Simion dislikes the Children of the Light. They keep Noam hidden from them.


"A wedding, good mistress? Why, we've had a lifetime of weddings. A plague of them. All in the last two days. There isn't a woman old enough to speak the betrothal remains unmarried, not in the whole village, not for a mile in any direction. Why, even Widow Jorath dragged old Banas through the arches, and they'd both sworn they'd never marry again. It was like a whirlwind just snatched everybody up. Rilith, the weaver's daughter, she started it, asking Jon the blacksmith to marry her, and him old enough to be her father and more. The old fool just took off his apron and said yes, and she demanded the arches be put up right then and there. Wouldn't hear of a proper wait, and all the other women sided with her. Since then we've had marriages day and night. Why, nobody's had any sleep at all hardly." (Simion to Moiraine on the unusual events in Jarra; The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 8)

"Why, I travelled to Jehannah, once, good master, and I saw two... two women like her. I couldn't mistake her after that." His voice dropped to a whisper. "It's said they can raise the dead, good master." (Simion about Aes Sedai; The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 8)

"'We didn't keep him here always,' Simion said suddenly. 'He was at Mother Roon's house, but she and I got Master Harod to move him here after the Whitecloaks came. They always have a list of names, Darkfriends they're looking for. It was Noam's eyes, you see. One of the names the Whitecloaks had was a fellow named Perrin Aybara, a blacksmith. They said he has yellow eyes, and runs with wolves. You can see why I didn't want them to know about Noam.'
Perrin turned his head enough to look at Simion over his shoulder. 'Do you think this Perrin Aybara is a Darkfriend?'
'A Darkfriend wouldn't care if my brother died in a cage. I suppose she found you soon after it happened. In time to help. I wish she'd come to Jarra a few months ago.'" (Simion to Perrin; The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 8)