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Author: Leora Oldessroth

This article are about the Shadowspawn. For information on the month Jumara, see Farede Calendar.


Jumara are another creation of Aginor's; their purposes are unknown (LoC, Ch. 23).

Jumara are currently loose in the Blight and known as Worms (LoC, Ch. 23).

Sammael notes that the Jumara will "never transform now". It seems, then, that whatever they look like now is not their intended final form (LoC, Ch. 23).

Jumara have a fluting cry and travel in packs (TEotW, Ch. 49)

They must be cut to pieces in order to kill them; they don't feel much but hunger and sometimes fear (TEotW, Ch. 49).

Jumara are afraid of what lives in the high passes of the Mountains of Dhoom (TEotW, Ch. 49).