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Author: Atarah al'Norahn



When we first see Laras in New Spring, she is one of the Tower cooks. She is short of her middle years, plump, and rather pretty, with a frown that could bore a hole through stone (NS, Ch. 6).

Some twenty years later, she is extremely fat and has many layers of chins. The spotless white apron that she wears could be used to make three novice dresses (TDR, Ch. 29).

In her youth, Laras was apparently a beauty (TSR, Ch. 17).


  • Laras is a cook in the White Tower (NS, Ch. 6).
  • Laras is the chief cook in the White Tower. (TDR, Ch. 29)
  • Laras prepares Verin a sweet tea to mask the taste of asping rot (TGS, Ch. 39).


Nynaeve thinks that Laras is a sour lump of lard (TDR, Ch. 29).

Laras takes "Elmindreda" under her wing and keeps a protective eye on her (TSR, Ch. 17).

Laras is loyal to the White Tower and doesn't help Siuan and Leane escape because she likes them; she only does it for Min (TSR, Ch. 47).

When Egwene is held captive in the White Tower, Laras makes sure that the kitchen staff do not play the sort of tricks on her that they play on Novices (KoD, Ch. 24).


Laras carries a long-handled wooden spoon like a scepter. It is not for stirring, but for directing those under her (TDR, Ch. 29).

Laras has good ears (TDR, Ch. 29).

Laras is really the chief cook. "Mistress of the Kitchens" is simply something that other people call her (TDR, Ch. 29).

Siuan decides to make "Mistress of the Kitchens" a formal title (TDR, Ch. 29).

Laras packs pretty clothes and makeup for Min to take with her when she leaves the Tower (TSR, Ch. 47).


"No Accepted was ever fool enough to come over high-handed with Laras, at least not more than once. Even Siuan gave way beneath that unwavering gaze, hastily spooning the last bits of apple from her bowl." (Moiraine thinks of Laras; New Spring, Chapter 6).

"It was Laras who went to Sheriam and demanded to know how long you three are to be kept to the dirtiest and hardest work, without a turn at lighter. She said she would not be a party to breaking any woman's health or spirit, no matter what I said." (Siuan to Nynaeve; The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 29).

"Hurry, child! I am too old and slow to be having adventures!" (Laras to Min while they attempt to rescue Siuan and Leane; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 47).

"Oh, Elmindreda, you do remind me of me when I was your age. Foolish doings, and near to getting myself hanged, sometimes. I will not betray you, child, but I must live here. When Second is rung, I will send a girl with wine for the guard. If he has not wakened or been discovered by then, that will give you more than an hour." (Laras to Min; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 47).

"They mean to stick you in the scullery, I understand, so they can haul you out for examples. I'd not care one way or the other -- such matters are for Aes Sedai, not cooks; one Amyrlin is the same as another to me -- but if you get this child caught, you can expect me to be stripping your hides from sunup to sundown whenever you're not hand-down in greasy pots of cleaning slop jars! You will wish they had cut off your heads before I am done. And don't think they'll believe I helped. Everyone knows I keep to my kitchens." (Laras to Siuan and Leane; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 47).