New Spring: Chapter 6

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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Chapter Icon: Rising Sun

Point of View: Moiraine

Setting: The White Tower

Characters: Moiraine, Siuan, Merean, Tamra, Jarna, Tsutama


Moiraine and Siuan copy out names from the list


The next morning, Moiraine and Siuan are awakened by a novice who tells them that they are supposed to be at the West Stable by Third Rise. They quickly get ready to leave.

Merean appears and announces to Moiraine that the Amyrlin agrees that Moiraine should stay behind today. So that her mind isn't left unoccupied, she will be put to work copying out the messier lists of names. When Siuan agrees that Moiraine should stay behind, Merean tells her that she can keep Moiraine company. Siuan tells Moiraine that this way they get to look at all of the lists, and that maybe they can find the Dragon Reborn. The two of them eat breakfast and then get to work. Moiraine is worried since a lot of the information is very vague, such as "born within sight of Tar Valon's walls."

The next morning, Moiraine and Siuan continue their work, though no one said that they had to. Shortly after, two clerks walk in, and the elder remarks that she dislikes "being set a task only to learn someone else is already performing it." They leave, and minutes later, Tamra appears. She tells them that they may continue if they wish.

About an hour later, Moiraine comes across a likely entry, and writes it down on a separate piece of paper for later use. Siuan is also writing likely names down in a small book.

Shortly after midmorning, one of the Gray Sitters, Jarna Malari, appears and tells Moiraine to come walk with her. Jarna questions Moiraine about who she thinks will become the next king or queen of Cairhien.

Throughout the day, six more Sitters, one from each Ajah, each speak with Moiraine. Tsutama, one of the Red Sitters, asks outright if Moiraine has ever thought of being queen of Cairhien herself. This just gives Moiraine more nightmares.

Whereas before, Moiraine had not thought herself ready to be tested for Aes Sedai, she now wants to be tested as soon as possible. She decides that she will leave the Tower as soon as she is raised to Aes Sedai, until the whole Cairhien issue has blown over.



First Mention

Serafelle, Ryma, Jennet, Willa Mandair, Bili Mandair, Jarna Malari, Taringail, Anvaere Damodred, Innloine, Tsutama Rath

First Appearance

Setsuko, Sheriam, Lisandre, Laras, Martan, Jarna

Character Development

  • Suian neets Merean’s gaze after a sarcastic comment, Moiraine thinks such a tone would have made her blush – Suian is made of stronger stuff
  • Suian takes the view that it is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission
  • When Tamra suggests that Moiraine and Siuan could use the Power to clean the dress, she fails to get the hint and thinks Moiraine is talking nonsense when she tells her
  • She embarrass Moirane and laughs uproariously
  • She gives Tamra an Aes Sedai answer when asked if she is still troubled by her uncle’s death. Tamra seems to be totally taken in
  • When Tamra tells her and Suian that she won’t tell them not to use the Power to clean their clothes as they already know not to, Moiraine realizes she is telling then they ought to do it.
  • She lies to Suian about the Aes Sedai wanting her to be queen of Cairhien


What does prayer do?

There doesn’t seem to be any organized religion in the world, but people still offer prayers – what form does this take?


  • No one seems to connect the Aiel retreating with Laman’s death – when did people learn of the reason for the Aiel War?
  • Sheriam refers to Serafelle, Ryma and Jenet by their first name, not their titles – is this common? Though Moiraine and Suian call Merean by her first name as well
  • Why do Merean and Tamra assume Moiraine must be in shock? Are they so far detached from how people think and react? She does encourage the belief, but no one thinks to just ask her how she is feeling
  • Suian mentions an uncle who died proving how fine a man he was – she later tells Mat the details of this death
  • Laras is described as plump and more than pretty


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  • Moiraine’s sister Innloine has children. These would be Elayne’s cousins (Is this Caraline? Caraline refers to Elayne as her young cousin, but Cadsuane thinks of Moiraine as Caraline's cousin - this could just be the nobility considering all other nobility cousins

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