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Legal Counsel will provide advice when requested related to the business of the Tower. Example requests include taxation (federal and state), games of chance for Events, copyright, etc.

Department: Non-Departmental Staff

Level: Staff

Rotation: Non-rotating position

Merit Eligibility: Pro Bono Merit

Chain of Command

Legal Counsel reports directly to the Amyrlin Seat.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To provide advice that will ensure the Tower is legally compliant while achieving our goals.


Time Commitment

  • Varies depending on situations that arise.


  • Licensed to practice law in the state of Alabama.


The Legal Counsel was previously the name given to the Legal Research Team. When it became necessary to have legal advice within the state of Alabama, it became clear that the term "Legal Counsel" may have been misleading and could have been taken as suggesting the role involved giving legal advice, which the Legal Research Team did not do. At that time, it was decided to split the legal team into the legal counsel and the Legal Research Team.

Legal Counsels