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Legal Research Team members conduct legal research on a variety of topics including national and international gaming legislation, venue regulations, and intellectual property (particularly copyright). The team is currently outside the departmental structure.

Position level: Staff


Rotation: Non-rotating position

Merit Eligibility: Pro Bono Merit

Chain of Command

The Legal Research Team reports directly to the Amyrlin Seat.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Do legal research for the administration when needed.
  • Respond to requests for legal information from our members when needed.
  • Be active and available when the need for research arises.
  • Other duties as needed. Basically, a lot of "as needed" work to be done here.


Time Commitment

  • This position is not a heavy time commitment. Some months we receive several requests and a few hours will be required one right after another. Some months there is no work at all. On average, this role requires 1-10 hours per month. Work is split between all Legal Research Team members and the Director of Administration, depending on the research need.


  • Be a community member in good standing.
  • Must have been a consistent community member for over one year of any rank.
  • Have a legal research and writing background: attorney, paralegal, law student, or other experience (please explain).
  • Strong skill in legal research with attention to detail.
  • Excellent written communication skills are necessary (but English as a first language is NOT necessary).
  • Ability to exercise discretion and maintain confidentiality.


Originally, legal researchers had been appointed in the Department of Administration and the position had been referred to as Legal Counsel. As the term "legal counsel" has very specific legal connotations that did not reflect the nature of the work involved, it was decided to use the name Legal Research Team for legal researchers to better reflect what they did, and to reduce the possibility that people might infer that the members were giving legal advice.

After the Winter 2016 Admin Meeting and the disbanding of the Department of Administration, the role was transferred into the Department of Events and Conferences.

Currently, the Legal Research Team is its own entity outside the departmental structure.

Legal Research Team