Lord of Chaos: Chapter 12

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Author: Caia al'Tamad

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Questions and Answers

Chapter Icon: Flame of Tar Valon

Point of View: Nynaeve

Characters: Nynaeve, Elayne, Moghedien, Birgitte, Delana, Janya, Theodrin

Location: Salidar


People annoy Nynaeve


Nynaeve and Elayne are in Salidar. Elayne is trying to listen in on the meeting going on in the Little Tower. An envoy from the Tower is there and the entire building is guarded against eavesdropping. Elayne tells Moghedien that the flows she had shown them were not getting through the ward. Moghedien says that they "should" get through but it could take days to spin through the ward. Nynaeve bites her tongue because they have been trying for days. This is the third day since Tarna had arrived and there was still no word on what message she had brought.

Elayne tries to hand the a'dam bracelet to Nynaeve so she can go teach her novice classes and try to show Aes Sedai how to make ter'angreal again. Nynaeve refuses and tells Elayne to wear it instead of leaving it behind. She still doesn't trust Moghedien but hates wearing the thing herself. Besides, she has work to do for some Sitters and another lesson with Theodrin.

Nynaeve feels that everyone is just wasting time around Salidar and not really doing anything. Moghedien picks up on Nynaeve's thoughts and starts suggesting that her and Elayne run off to Caemlyn to be with Rand. Nynaeve wonders why Moghedien looks so calm. She realizes that the bracelet isn't in the room. She has never been alone with Moghedien without the bracelet. She gets nervous and reminds Moghedien that she would suffer death if they left and anyone found out who she was. Moghedien says that the a'dam will hold her just as well in Caemlyn and that they better hurry up before Salidar decided to reunite the Tower and turn them over to Elaida. Nynaeve tells her to clean up and leaves before she loses her stomach.

Upon leaving, she searches out Birgitte. She asks her to get horses so they can leave, but not to tell anyone like Thom or Uno. Birgitte thinks that is a bad idea and says that if Elayne agrees and gives the order, she will get the horses. Nynaeve then tries to get Birgitte to listen at the door to find out what is happening. Birgitte soundly refuses and Nynaeve fights not to lose her temper.

Nicola shows up and reminds Nynaeve that she is due at the Sitters' house to do her copy work for them. At Delana and Janya's, she notices there are no supplies to do copying. Soon after they start asking her to tell them everything about Rand once again. She tries to give them new answers but can't think of anything new to tell them. They finally let her go and she hurries to her lesson with Theodrin.

On her way there she passes the Hall and decides to try to eavesdrop at the window since Birgitte wouldn't do it. She over hears the Hall saying that they need more time to consider. That is the answer to the Tower envoy. Tarna leaves and everyone keeps talking. Nynaeve hears them mention something about waiting on "the biddable child" and that they had to be careful. There is conjecture as to what will happen and if everyone's heads will end up on spikes and who will put them there. The ward disappears and Nynaeve stumbles to get away as quickly as possible.

She is brushing off her dress and looks up to find Theodrin standing over her. Theodrin says nothing and they proceed to walk away. She asks Nynaeve if she has managed to keep calm, another part of her instructions from a previous lesson. Nynaeve says yes and Theodrin replies that she intends to try something a little more direct today to break her block. Neither of them notice that a woman was watching them from the second story window.


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