Lord of Chaos: Chapter 11

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Author: Caia al'Tamad

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Lessons and Teachers

Chapter Icon: Dragon's Fang

Points of View: Verin, Rand


Alanna bonds Rand


Verin's Point of View:

Location: Caemlyn

Characters: Verin, Alanna

Verin is wondering what has happened to Siuan and Moiraine while trying to calm down the girls from the Two Rivers' area after Rand's visit. After the girls are in their rooms, Verin and Alanna are pondering the rumors of the Tower being broken. Verin also brings up the subject of bonding Rand against his will. Alanna is still very raw over losing one of her Warders, Owein. She thinks that they should have bonded all the boys while they had the opportunity. However, it is revealed that Faile had threatened Alanna against bonding Perrin. So, Perrin is not bonded and now Alanna has bonded Rand against his will.

While Verin has Alanna off guard speaking about Rand, she brings up the amnesty that Rand has issued in regards to men who can channel. Verin and Alanna put their heads together to try and figure out where Rand is keeping the men who have answered his amnesty. As much as they don't want to believe it, they can't take any chances. Verin's perspective ends with her going back to her original train of thought in the chapter. What has happened to Moiraine? Where were the rebels from the Tower? What was her and Alanna's stance on them? Should they deliver Rand to the rebels or to Elaida?

Rand's Point of View:

Location: Caemlyn

Characters: Rand, Taim

Rand gallops away from Alanna as fast as possible. He even distances the running Aiel and Bashere barely manages to keep up. When he gets to the palace he quickly Travels to the Farm where Taim is training men to channel. He sees men exploding rocks and erecting shields around themselves with saidin. As he approaches, Taim leaves the working group and walks over to Rand.

Rand asks where Haslin has gone and Taim says he dismissed him. Taim doesn't see any need to train the men in swords if they are using saidin. He does agree to bring Haslin back though if that is what Rand wishes. Rand informs Taim about the Aes Sedai in Caemlyn and informs him that all trips to the city are off. Rand doesn't want any of the men to panic and try to kill an Aes Sedai and end up getting gentled or killed instead. Taim assures Rand that the men could easily explode the Aes Sedai's heads like the rocks. Rand insists though and all trips are canceled.

Taim then goes back to his old attempts at getting Rand to let him recruit from other villages. Taim proposes using gateways to recruit men "to follow the Dragon Reborn". He can bring them back through gateways then proceed with testing them. Any man who can't channel will be sent on to Rand in Caemlyn to be trained as a soldier for his army. Thinking about it, Rand agrees to provide better horses so Taim can start recruiting. Taim promises to have enough men to be able to match the White Tower in less than a year, and every man a weapon.

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