Lord of Chaos: Chapter 2

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Aes Sedai Symbol Chapter Icon.png

A New Arrival

Chapter Icon: Ancient Aes Sedai Symbol

Point of View: Rand

Setting: Royal Palace, Caemlyn

Characters: Rand, Bashere, Mazrim Taim, Tumad, Lir, Naean


Bashere tells Rand he will respect the amnesty, but if Taim goes to Saldaea, nothing will protect him there. He orders Lir and Naean to leave, to their obvious relief. Taim arrives and taunts Bashere, who doesn't recognize him at first. He claims this is because he shaved. He mentions some Saldeans who tried to kill him under a parley flag and now will just want to serve and obey. Rand tells him that if he taunts Bashere again, he'll let Bashere kill him. After Rand refuses to form a compact with him, he falls to his knees and submits, claiming he wants whatever glory may fall his way and that he has no other real choice. Rand tells him he is to teach men to channel and Taim admits he has done it before, though he had to kill the only man who tried to learn. Rand realises he does not like Taim and wonders if he is truly sane, to be so relaxed surrounded by people who are ready to kill him. He hands Rand one of the Seals which, in a moment of madness with Lews Therin's voice encouraging him, Rand almost tries to break before Bashere stops him.

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