Lord of Chaos: Chapter 36

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

Flame of Tar Valon Chapter Icon.png

The Amyrlin Is Raised

Chapter Icon: Flame of Tar Valon

Point of View: Egwene

Location: Salidar

Characters: Egwene, Chesa, Anaiya, Sheriam, Romanda, Lelaine, Nynaeve, Elayne


Egwene is officially raised.


Egwene has just awoken; it is early-morning, and she finds that she is in a room that seems to be drowning in lace. Her new maid, the Amyrlin's maid, is setting water on the washstand.

She remembers talking late into the night with Sheriam and the others. They tell her about all of the embassies that have been sent off to every ruler, about Gareth Bryne and his army, and about Logain, Siuan and Leane being Healed. After they had left, Romanda, and after her, Lelaine, had appeared, each having a number of suggestions for the Amyrlin.

Egwene gets up, eats and dresses. When she leaves her room, Romanda approaches and tells her that it is time. They step outside, and Egwene is lifted on a platform of air as Romanda pronounces her the Amyrlin Seat. After the cheering dies down, Egwene begins to recite from the script that had been prepared for her. She makes a couple of changes to make the speech stronger, and cuts out a lot of stuff, before naming Sheriam as her Keeper of the Chronicles. She also declares that Nynaeve, Elayne, Theodrin and Faolain are thereby raised to Aes Sedai, even though they have not sworn the Oaths.

Once the speech is done, Sheriam hurries Egwene off into her study. Sheriam informs her that all of the Sitters had had a hand in writing the speech, and that they will not be pleased that Egwene cut out a lot of it. She then questions the wisdom of raising the four Accepted to Aes Sedai. Romanda and Lelaine enter at that moment and agree. "It seemed necessary," Egwene says. "I thought of it last night. I've been raised Aes Sedai without being tested or taking the Three Oaths, and if I was the only one, it would just point me out. With four others, I won't seem quite so odd anymore."

After Romanda and Lelaine leave, Egwene asks to see Elayne and Nynaeve. When they enter her study, they curtsy and call her "Mother". Egwene says, "Please don't do that, you're the only two friends I have" and "I need somebody who is Egwene's friend and doesn't see this...this bloody stole all the time, or I will go crazy."

They all sit down to talk. They speak of Rand, the Lion Throne of Andor, and the ter'angreal that Elayne and Nynaeve believe can change the weather. They tell Egwene that they wish to go search for it, but the other Aes Sedai won't let them, and ask for her help. Egwene tells them that she will do what she can, and they are incredulous that the Amyrlin can't just give an order.

"I'm the Amyrlin, but...Elayne, Sheriam doesn't have to think very hard to recall a novice named Egwene, staring goggle-eyed at everything and being sent to rake the New Garden walks for eating apples after bedtime. She means to lead me by the hand, or maybe push me by the scruff of my neck. Romanda and Lelaine both wanted to be Amyrlin, and they see that novice too. They intend to show me where to put my feet as much as Sheriam does."

They speak a bit about how many of the Aes Sedai will see Egwene as just a puppet-Amyrlin. Finally, Egwene tells Elayne and Nynaeve that she will send them to Ebou Dar.


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