Luthair Paendrag Mondwin

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn

LEW-thair PAY-ehn-DRAG MOND-wihn


Luthair Paendrag Mondwin was the first Emperor of Seanchan and the son of Artur Paendrag Tanreall and his second wife Tamika.

His banner was a golden hawk in flight with three lightning bolts in its claw on a field of white. Even today it is a symbol of the Seanchan Royalty (TWoRJTWoT; TGH, Ch. 34).


  • He was born in FY 967 of Artur Paendrag Tanreall and Tamika. He was her first son (TWoRJTWoT).
  • In FY 992 he sailed three thousand miles across the Aryth Ocean to the continent of Seanchan with approximately two thousand ships and three hundred thousand soldiers and settlers (TWoRJTWoT).
  • Upon arriving he began the Consolidation, the conquest of the war-torn Seanchan that would not be completed until nine hundred years after his death (TWoRJTWoT; Glossary).
  • After hearing of Artur Hawkwing's death, he changed his plan of incorporating the continent into his father's empire. Instead he made preparations to sail back with an army to avenge his father's death. These preparations lasted a thousand years and are known under the name of the Corenne, the Return (TWoRJTWoT).


  • He bore a deep mistrust toward all Aes Sedai (TWoRJTWoT).
  • The Prophecies of the Dragon had been known in Seanchan even before Luthair Paendrag began to conquer the land, though in a different way than he later laid out (TPoD, Ch. 24).
  • His armies named the mountain chain in the north of Seanchan the Mountains of Dhoom, because of their resemblance to those on the mainland (TWoRJTWoT).
  • The Seanchan called him "Hammer" (TWoRJTWoT).
  • A Seanchan Aes Sedai, Deain, who wanted to attach herself to Luthair created the first a'dam to leash the Aes Sedai of the Armies of the Night, but he let her be collared as well (TGH, Ch. 40; TWoRJTWoT).
  • Since Luthair's conquest, Seanchan has been hierarchically classified and every Emperor or Empress is his direct descendant (TWoRJTWoT).
  • Suroth had sent out a ship with reports to Seandar, led by a crew from families that had served hers since Luthair Paendrag proclaimed himself Emperor of Seanchan (TSR, Ch. 1).