Mar Haddon

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

Mar Haddon

Mar Haddon was one of the twenty-four nations that arose either during or shortly after the War of the Hundred Years. It was located in the southeastern part of the Westlands, north of Tear, where Haddon Mirk now stands (TWoRJTWoT, Ch. 13; TGH, Ch. 10).

The nation of Mar Haddon had faded away by the year 600 NE (TWoRJTWoT, Ch. 13). All that is left is Haddon Mirk (TGH, Ch. 10).

Haddon Mirk

Haddon Mirk is described to be a huge, tangled forest. There are no villages, roads or paths. Rand thinks to himself that it would be hard to find anyone in the Haddon Mirk, especially along the mountains northernmost edge, where a man would be lucky to cover a mere handful of miles over the course of a day. Armies can travel through Haddon Mirk until their food runs out without running into each other (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 4).

Stedding Jenshin is located in Haddon Mirk.

It was to Haddon Mirk that Darlin Sisnera and the other Tairen rebels went when they fled Tear. Later, after Darlin allied himself with Rand, Rand sent Alanna, Bera, Kiruna, Merana and Rafela to Haddon Mirk to negotiate with the rest of the rebels (LoC, Ch. 4; WH, Ch. 25).