Master Helvin

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Master Helvin is the innkeeper of The Gates of Heaven (NS, Ch. 17). He is bald and nearly as wide as he is tall (NS, Ch. 18).

For any Aes Sedai, he would always make room, even if he has to confine his other patrons two or more to a room (NS, Ch. 17).

He shuffles Moiraine into one room with Haesel Palan in the need for space for the Aes Sedai that are staying at his inn, not knowing who she is (NS, Ch. 18).

He keeps a stable book with the description of all the patron's horses that are staying at his inn, for easier location (NS, Ch. 19).


"'Ah, Lady Alys; just who I was looking for. With three more Aes Sedai stopping here, I fear I need to shuffle the beds again. Certainly you won't mind sharing yours, under the circumstances. Mistress Palan is a most pleasant woman.'
Under the circumstances... Under any normal circumstances, he would never have dared suggest doubling to a noblewoman, no matter how many merchants he had to push into one bed. But what he meant was, since she would soon be off to the White Tower. In fact, he more than suggested. He had already moved the woman in!"
(Master Helvin to Moiraine; New Spring, Chapter 18)