The Gates of Heaven

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Unless stated otherwise, all information herein is taken from New Spring, Chapter 17.

The Gates of Heaven is the largest and best inn in Canluum. It is situated at the base of the Stag's Stand. It has four sprawling stories of stone and a green roof. It has a large common room and several private sitting rooms. Master Helvin is the innkeeper and one of the stablemen is named Kazin (NS, Ch. 19). It is popular with Aes Sedai as Master Helvin will always make room for them even if it means forcing other patrons to double up.

Moiraine spends a few nights there pretending to be a Cairhienin noble called Alys. Felaana Bevaine, a Brown sister staying there, not knowing Moiraine's true identity, tries to get her to go to the Tower. When Cadsuane, Merean and Larelle later arrive at the inn, Moiraine is forced to double up with a merchant, Haesel Palan.