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This was an Administrative position. The Membership Activities Coordinator (MAC) worked closely with the Keeper and Amyrlin Seat to create and maintain a comprehensive calendar of organization activities that would benefit the entire community.

Department: Non-Departmental Staff

Position Level: Administrator

Rotation: Non-rotating position

Merit Eligibility: Administrator Merit

Chain of Command

The Membership Activities Coordinator reported directly to the Keeper.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work closely with the Keeper, and Amyrlin Seat to create and maintain the community calendar.
  • Work with all Directors to learn about departmental needs, activities, etc. that need to be maintained on a calendar (examples: hirings, festivals, surveys).
  • Once calendar is populated, work with all Directors to ensure that community activities happen on time.
  • Additional duties as needed.


  • Be knowledgeable, or willing to learn, about various calendar software to assist the administration in deciding what setup will be best for the organization.
  • Must be tactful, discreet, and able to get along with a wide variety of people.
  • Must be creative! No, really. Bring your ideas and brain with you to this position.

Time Commitment

  • Must be willing to spend ~10 hours a week on departmental duties (this may be higher or lower, depending on what is happening at any given time).
  • The setup involved in this position will require more time in the research and development phase and then the time commitment should shift significantly lower as the project enters maintenance mode.


  • Must be a Senior Member in good standing or a Junior Member with extended community service.


This position was created at the Admin Meeting 2011, although it took some time before it was launched. It was vacant from 2013 to 2015, when the position was revamped and moved into the Department of Administration. In the Winter 2016 Admin Meeting, it was decided to disband the Department of Administration and merge positions into other departments. The Membership Activities Coordinator became non-departmental.

This position was dissolved on May 31, 2020.

Membership Activities Coordinators