Membership Clean Up

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Once every one to two years, the Department of Membership holds a Community Membership clean-up to determine which members are inactive (excepting those who are currently on official Leaves of Absence), and who appear to not have an interest in continuing their membership in our community.

For a Tower membership clean-up, threads will be started around the boards asking for all Community Members to read and respond. The Captain of Recruits, Captain of Soldiers, Mistress of Novices and Mistress of Accepted will start threads in their respective forums, and the Director will start a thread for members in the General Forum. These threads will stay up for two to four weeks. During that time, all active members of the Tower should post in these threads. If you know of someone who is on a leave of absence, you may post for them as well.

After these threads have been up for a reasonable amount of time, the Department of Membership will work on compiling a list of those who have not responded and who are not on a leave of absence. The Director of Membership or the appropriate Community Membership administrator will then attempt to email this list of people. Up to three emails may be sent in an attempt to contact these Community Members. If there are other avenues to explore (relatives who are on the site, real life friends who are on the site), the Director and administrators will use those as well.

After all efforts have been made to contact these Community Members, a final list will be compiled of all of those who have not responded to any of our attempts to contact them. The Director will then remove these Community Members from our membership databases. They will be removed from our Who's Who and from all usergroups on the boards.