Winter's Heart: Chapter 17

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn

Dice Chapter Icon.png

Pink Ribbons

Chapter Icon: Five dice, arranged in a ring

Point of View: Mat

Setting: Tarasin Palace

Characters: Mat, Noal, Tylin, Suroth, Tuon


Mat meets Tuon who wants to buy him.


Mat takes Noal along to the Tarasin Palace, stuffing him into the room his Redarms share and announcing that he had saved Mat's life. Thereupon Noal starts telling them how they encountered the gholam as elaborately as any gleeman. As he is finished, Mat advises his men to take a ship to Illian and take Olver, Thom, Juilin and Mat's two body servants, Nerim and Lopin, with them. They protest and will not leave him. Noal says that Mat's name might end up in the history books.

Mat leaves them to get himself clean before Tylin sees him all muddied from the fight with the gholam. In the hallways every servant offers to draw him a hot bath and fetch clean garments. All the while the dice are still rattling in his skull.

At a corner Juilin almost walks into him. Mat informs him about what he told the others a while earlier, but Juilin replies he has a reason yet to stay.

When Mat steps into Tylin's rooms, the stopping of the dice leaves his skull ringing. He walked right into a meeting between Tylin, Suroth and Tuon. The latter is displeased with Suroth because she had told her the city was safe, but that hardly applies to what Mat looks like. He replies that his current look derives from falling into the mud and that he was injured a month and a half ago when the Seanchan armies landed in Ebou Dar. Tuon examines him thoroughly and asks what price Tylin wants for him, but she says that Mat is a free man.

Tuon announces that she will raise Tylin to the Blood and wants to show her the range of Altara that is now under her control. Before they go Mat tells Tylin that he had been attacked by the gholam. Her concern vanishes when she tells him she wants to see him in the pink ribbons when she returns.

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