New Spring: Chapter 24

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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Making Use of Invisibility

Chapter Icon: Rising Sun

Point of View: Moiraine

Setting: Chachin

Characters: Moiraine, Siuan



The next morning, Moiraine and Siuan go to a banker and Moiraine exchanges one of her letters of rights. They then go to a dressmaker and order some clothes.

Two days after Moiraine arrives in Chachin, she shows up at the Aesdaishar Palace, back to being Lady Moiraine Damodred of Cairhien. Her plan is to use her real identity to get into the Aesdaishar Palace, speak to Ines Demain, and then get out of the palace before any other Aes Sedai learn that she is there.

Siuan, dressed as Moiraine's maid so that she can dig around for information without anyone being suspicious, soon finds out that Ines Demain is in seclusion, and seeing no one except for close family. This means that Moiraine's plan of just being nobility will not work. She quickly comes to a decision. "She will see an Aes Sedai," she decides.

Siuan thinks that it is a bad idea, as Moiraine will be in even more danger than before, but Moiraine is adamant. They have to find out if Ines Demain's son is the Dragon Reborn.

Siuan tells Moiraine that the shatayan is waiting for her (Moiraine), and that there is a footman named Cal waiting for her (Siuan); Cal is one of Ines Demain's servants.

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