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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.


Osan'gar is the name given to Aginor when he was reborn into a new body, named after the left hand of a pair of duelling daggers briefly popular during the Collapse (LoC, Prologue). He appears to be in his middle years, a stocky fellow with a farmer's face (ACoS, Ch. 2). He moved in a hesitant, creeping way, hands folded at his waist, that made him seem skinny (ACoS, Ch. 2). He seemed mad and often spoke the Old Tongue to himself (TPoD, Ch. 13).


It was because of a comment of his that Damer began to think on more complex Healing (ACoS, Ch. 34).



His old name, given in scorn and adopted in pride, was gone forever. The voice of his master had spoken and made it so (Lord of Chaos, Prologue).

The smell... skittered, dodging wildly through fear and hate and anger and a dozen more emotions almost too quickly to make out. He no longer doubted the man was mad, however good a face the fellow put on (Perrin on Dashiva, A Crown of Swords, Chapter 4)

The man had never known the meaning of excess. If not for his particular skills, he never would have been Chosen (Demandred, on Aginor, Winter's Heart, Chapter 13).

I doubt that even I could devise a method to remove the Great Lord's shadow from saidin. Al'Thor is a primitive. Anything he tries inevitably will prove insufficient, and I, for one, cannot believe he can even imagine how to begin (Winter's Heart, Chapter 13).

But the fact remained that Moridin terrified him. The man had always terrified him, from the very beginning. He had been mad with power before they were sealed into the Bore, and since they had been freed, he seemed to think that he was the Great Lord (Winter's Heart, Chapter 35).

"The sudden conviction - as when Rand came on Dashiva and the others - that somebody knows what they are up to. Add to this that Dashiva was plain getting tired of trailing around after Rand, taking orders. He's one of the Chosen, and the Dark One reclaimed him from death, which is really good, but he's been stuck in a decidedly second-rate body and stuck spying on Rand, fetching and carrying like a servant as he sees it, with hardly even an opportunity to put a spoke in Rand's wheels except in very minor ways. How much better if Rand simply died. " Robert Jordan Question of the Week, Week 21