The Path of Daggers: Chapter 13

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn

Dragon Chapter Icon.png

Floating Like Snow

Chapter Icon: A Dragon

Point of View: Rand

Setting: Eastern part of Illian

Characters: Rand, Gregorin, Marcolin, Weiramon, Tolmeran, Semaradrid, Rosana, Maraconn, Hopwil, Dashiva, Eagan Padros


Rand meets with the residues of the army Sammael had been gathering and gives them a choice between going home unarmed or joining him.


At the beginning of the chapter, Rand wants to meet some of the residues of the army Sammael had been gathering, because he cannot allow them to roam the countryside. When he says he wants to go himself, Lord Gregorin protests that the people will not show the respect due Rand as the King of Illian, even though the proclamations have been hung up where people can see them. Various other nobles try to talk Rand out of it too, but he will not change his mind, and instead takes Lord Gregorin and First Captain Demetre Marcolin with him, along with Hopwil and Dashiva.

On their way to the band, Rand tries to distract Hopwil from his thoughts and tells him that he was right to kill the Seanchan patrol, because the damane would have destroyed him otherwise.

They meet the leader of the band, who doubts that Rand is the King of Illian and the Dragon Reborn. Rand informs the men that "Lord Brend" is dead and allows them to go home, but unarmed, or to join his forces. He gives them time to decide and when he is back among his nobles, he tells them to watch the men so that they are not able to slip away silently.

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