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As a Citizen, you now have a community admin, the Mayor who is specifically responsible for you. You are eligible to attend real life events, both official and unofficial, and to host your own events. This also applies to virtual events. The citizen user group also takes part in our free weeks. You may also take a position as staff or admin in one of our departments.

As a member, expectations are now different, such as use of titles for senior members. It is also expected that you inform your community administrator if you expect to be absent for a prolonged period.

As a citizen, you are on the first level of Tower Membership. There is no requirement to advance, and people who choose to stay at the Citizen level will eventually be eligible to become Resident Citizens. Those who do wish to join the Tower itself, apply to be a Novice or Recruit, depending on whether they are thinking more of eventually being an Aes Sedai or Gaidin, though this choice does not commit them to either path. After being a Novice or Recruit for a sufficient period of time, the member may apply to be raised to Accepted or Soldier.

Citizens are also able to earn Merit Badges, which are a way of recognising contributions people have made to the community, and allowing them certain extra privilege's on this basis.

< Becoming a Member up Free Weeks >