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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Lady Riselle is an attendant to Queen Tylin of Altara in the Tarasin Palace. She is married to Banner-General Lord Yamada of the Forerunners in Altara.

She is a beautiful, olive-skinned woman with big dark eyes, full lips and a marvelous bosom (WH, Ch. 18).


  • Upon her first appearance, she is wearing a fanciful blue-and-gold-feathered mask and a diaphanous costume with feathers that does not hide very much. Queen Tylin had sent for her to take Olver out to the Festival of Birds (ACoS, Ch. 29).
  • Mat considered her as one of the sul'dam for his attempt to smuggle Teslyn, Joline and Edesina out of the city once he had freed them. (WH, Ch. 28)
  • She is going to wed Banner-General Yamada who purchased a vineyard in the Rhiannon Hills as a wedding gift for her. (WH, Ch. 30)


"Why should I have kept him tied to me? Clip a boy's wings too far, and he will never grow to a proper man. He read his pages aloud sitting on my knee - he might have read all day, had I allowed it - and did his numbers, so I let him go. Why are you in such a bother? He promised to return by sunset, and he seems to set a great store by his promises." (Riselle, when Mat asks her why she had let Olver leave to play outside; A Crown of Swords, Chapter 39).

"Can we return to the Palace now?" Olver said, more a demand than a question. "I have a reading lesson with the Lady Riselle. She lets me rest my head on her bosom while she reads to me." "A notable achievement, Olver," Thom said, stroking his mustaches to hide a smile. Leaning closer to the other two men, he pitched his voice to escape the boy's ears. "The woman makes me play the harp for her before she lets me rest my head on that magnificent pillow." "Riselle makes everyone entertain her first," Beslan chuckled in a knowing way, and Thom stared at him in astonishment. (Thom, Olver and Beslan about Riselle; Winter's Heart, Chapter 15).

"It's unlikely Riselle would leave under any circumstances. It seems she likes Banner-General Lord Yamada's singing well enough that she has decided to marry him." He sighed regretfully. "There will be no more information from that well, I fear." And no more pillowing his head on her bosom, his expression said. (Thom about Riselle; Winter's Heart, Chapter 28).