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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Teslyn Baradon, Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah, was elected a Sitter nearly fifteen years ago. After Elaida's raising to the Amyrlin Seat, she also sat on Elaida's Council, until she was demoted by Elaida and sent to Ebou Dar with Joline.

Teslyn is no great beauty. She is scrawny and thin, with a mean look to her and a permanent scowl. She has a sharp face, with gaunt cheeks, a narrow nose, and dark eyes. However scrawny she was before being made damane, she filled out rather well after being captured.

Condensed Timeline

  • Teslyn participates in deposing Siuan and placing Elaida on the Amyrlin Seat. (TSR, Ch. 47)
  • Teslyn is walked with the other damane in the yard, where Mat sees her. (WH, Ch. 17)
  • Mat tells Teslyn that he will help her escape from Ebou Dar, as well as Edesina upon Teslyn's insistance. (WH, Ch. 19)
  • Teslyn would rather let Bethamin die from ignorance than teach her when she first channels (KoD, Ch. 7)
  • Selucia collars Teslyn and the other two Aes Sedai. Mat releases them, after Teslyn and Edesina agree to stop baiting Tuon (KoD, Ch. 9).
  • Teslyn warns Mat that Joline is childish in some ways and might try to bond him (KoD, Ch. 27).
  • Mat thinks she seems disappointed when he rejects Joline's request for twenty horses and men to go with them (TGS, Ch. 20).
  • Teslyn tells Mat she will be leaving and thanks him, saying she is in his debt. He tells her she can have some horses as she seems sincere (ToM, Ch. 8).


Though Teslyn and Elaida are of the same Ajah, it is obvious that they do not get along well. After Elaida has Teslyn demoted and sent to Ebou Dar, Teslyn is more than happy to cause Elaida any "inconvenience" possible. (ACoS, Prologue; WH, Ch. 19)

Joline and Teslyn don't seem to get along terribly well, though they do stick together at the Tarasin Palace, teaming up to try to get Mat, Elayne, Nynaeve and Aviendha to return to the White Tower. After their escape from Ebou Dar, Joline thinks that Teslyn is overreacting concerning her time spent as damane. They are at each other's throats often. (ACoS, Ch. 16; CoT, Ch. 3)

Teslyn feels a lot of gratitude towards Mat. She would give him anything for helping her to escape (WH, Ch. 19). She later tells him she is in his debt (ToM, Ch. 17).


  • When Joline was a novice, Teslyn was a teacher. She taught one of the classes that Joline was in (ACoS, Ch. 17).
  • The note that Teslyn slips into Mat's pocket: "Elayne and Nynaeve are pushing too far. Remind them they are still in danger from the Tower. Warn them to be careful, or they will be kneeling to ask Elaida's pardon yet." (ACoS, Ch. 17)
  • After being captured by the Seanchan, she is referred to as 'Tessi.' (WH, Ch. 31)


"I did receive a message this morning that the Marshal-General of Saldaea does have an army on the move. No toward the Blight, but in the opposite direction. South and east. He would no ever have done that if the Blight did no seem to be asleep. (To Elaida, The Fires of Heaven, Prologue)

"Gawyn do hardly be in hand. Those Younglings of his do skirmish with Whitecloaks on both sides of the river. He does act on his own as much as at our direction." (To Elaida, The Fires of Heaven, Prologue)

"We do know about you, Master Cauthon. Ta'veren, it do be said. With dangerous associations of your own. That do be more than hearsay." (To Mat, A Crown of Swords, Chapter 16)

"Consider well who you do tie yourself to, Master Cauthon. Wrong choices can lead to an unpleasant future, even for a ta'veren. Consider well." (To Mat, A Crown of Swords, Chapter 16)

"It do be obvious, I should think. Elaida's orders do still stand. Elayne and Nynaeve are to be returned to the Tower as soon as found. I did agree to wait, but perhaps we should wait no longer. A pity the al'Vere girl does no be with them. But two will put us back in Elaida's good graces, and if we can add the Cauthon boy...I do think those three will make her welcome us as if we did come with al'Thor himself. And this Aviendha will make a fine novice, wilder or no." (To Joline, A Crown of Swords, Chapter 17)

"The Forsaken, a storm that is no a storm, and some Shadowspawn I did never hear of before. Not to mention the Black Ajah. Light! The Black Ajah! And the Dark One himself, perhaps? When you do be back in the White Tower where you belong, in white as you all truly belong, you will learn no to waste your hours with wild fancies. Or to carry your tales to sisters." (To Nynaeve and Elayne, The Path of Daggers, Chapter 17)

"Elaida does want those girls as much as she ever wanted the staff and stole. Especially Elayne. I did wish to...inconvenience...Elaida, if I could. Let her whistle for them." (To Mat, Winter's Heart, Chapter 10)

"'You do be serious,' she whispered, so low he nearly did not hear. 'I did think you only did come to taunt me.' Slowly she sat, swinging her feet down to the floor. Her eyes latched on to his intently, and her voice took on a low urgency. 'Do I want to escape? When I do something that does please them, the sul'dam do give me sweets. I do find myself looking forward to those rewards.' Breathy horror crept into her voice. 'Not for liking of sweets, but because I have pleased the sul'dam.' A single tear trickled from her eye. She inhaled deeply. 'If you do help me escape, I will do anything you ask of me that does not encompass treason to the White -' Her teeth snapped shut, and she sat up straight, staring right through him. Abruptly, she nodded to herself. 'Help me escape, and I will do anything you ask of me,' she said." (To Mat, Winter's Heart, Chapter 19)

"The others do be...changed. Guisin and Mylen...I did know her as Sheraine Caminelle, but she do only answer to Mylen, now - those two would betray us. Edesina do still be herself. I will no leave her behind, even if she do be a rebel." (To Mat, Winter's Heart, Chapter 19)

"Go to pieces? Go to pieces? Let them put that collar on you and then speak of going to pieces! Help me convince her, Edesina. She will have us collared again, if we do let her!" (To Joline and Edesina, Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 3)