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Siswai'aman are Aiel that believe they are the property of the Dragon. They mark themselves with red bands around the forehead, something even Gai'shain are allowed to wear (TFoH, Ch. 46) and according to Perrin feel a rivalry with the Maidens (LoC, Ch. 54). When Perrin went to Dumai's Wells, apart from Rhuarc, Gaul and the Wise Ones, the only Aiel who went were siswai'man and Maidens (LoC, Ch. 54)






“Sometimes, it is difficult to see the difference between oneself and one’s enemies. They want to own the world, but it seems you already own a people.” (Asmodean, The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 46).

The name did imply, more than implied ownership; that was out of Lews Therin's memories, too. It did not seem possible to own people, but if it was, he did not want to. (Rand, The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 46).