Lord of Chaos: Chapter 54

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Author: Leora Oldessroth

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The Sending

Chapter Icon: A Wolf

Setting: Cairhien

Characters: Perrin, Loial, Gaul, Havien Nurelle, Dobraine, Amys, Sorilea, Sulin, Nandera, Rhuarc, Urien, Dannil, Aram, Verin, Alanna, Merana, Bera, Kiruna, Ban al'Seen


Perrin and company track Rand and press hard to catch up with his captors. They are preparing for battle.


Setting: Cairhien

Characters: Perrin, Loial, Gaul, Havien Nurelle, Dobraine, Amys, Sorilea, Sulin, Nandera, Rhuarc, Urien, Dannil, Aram, Verin, Alanna, Merana, Bera, Kiruna, Ban al'Seen

Perrin, Gaul and Loial leave the Palace at dawn and make their way through the streets of Cairhien. Loial attracts some stares but they make their way to the docks. Perrin stops at a boat that seems to have a crew and says that they want to cross the river, flashing some gold. The ferrymen agrees to take them across as soon as he can find oarsmen. Perrin thinks about Faile as they cross the river - she hadn't kissed him goodbye but her scent had been a confusing jumble of emotions. Once across the river, Perrin is in what used to be the granaries - they were burned in some rioting earlier. He is greeted by Havien Nurelle and Dobraine. They tell him that all is ready to go and they set out to find Rand. A mile out they are joined by Dobraine's five hundred men and two hundred Mayeners.

Around midday, Rhuarc, Sulin, and Nandera join the group. They tell Perrin that they have five thousand spears plus one thousand Maidens. Rhuarc says that he had to forbid all the Maidens from coming, but he didn't want news of Rand's disappearance to become common among the Aiel for fear that the bleakness would claim even more. Amys and Sorilea join Perrin. Amys announces that there are ninety-four Wise Ones as well, all of whom can channel, with Sorilea leading them. Perrin says that the group will have to press hard if they have any hope of catching up with Rand. The group travels hard that day.

That night, Perrin seeks out the wolves with his mind. When he finds them, he asks if they have seen the Aes Sedai ahead of them. The wolves give him the Aes Sedai's position. Perrin asks how far it is and is told that they are about sixty to seventy miles ahead. The wolves ask Perrin why he wants to know. Perrin tells them they "have caged Shadowkiller." The wolves are shocked and send a message to Perrin that they are coming to help. Perrin goes to sleep.

The group continues to travel for four days. Every night before talking with the wolves, Perrin talks with Loial. Loial tells Perrin what he knows of the Aes Sedai law about gentling men. Loial also talks a great deal about Erith and how beautiful she is. Tensions mount between the various groups during the trip. The Aiel don't trust the Cairhienin and vice versa. There is also tension between the Maidens and the siswai'aman. Nandera and Sulin come to physical blows over leadership of the Maidens. Sulin wins the physical fight but it is Nandera who remains the leader. Amys and Sorilea have a power struggle over who will direct the Wise Ones as well, but settle it themselves in favour of Sorilea.

The seventh day out of the city, Perrin receives a sending from a wolf named Half Tail - there is a party of humans a few miles to the west and riding in the same direction as Perrin. Perrin recognizes the visual of the banners the wolf sends him and he tells the leaders of the various groups that they will probably be joined shortly by some friends. An hour later a group of Two Rivers men (including Dannil and Ban) under Perrin's banner join the party. Several Aes Sedai, including Verin, Alanna and Merana, are also in the party. Perrin asks how they got here and the answer is essentially that Alanna used her bond with Rand to track him, although she doesn't say that - she just says that she knows how to find him.

The Aes Sedai ask Perrin why he is here when Rand is several days to the north. Perrin informs them that Rand has been kidnapped. Perrin tells them that they are welcome to join his group. Perrin leads the Emond's Fielders and the Aes Sedai back to his party. Alanna refuses to tell Perrin anything about how she tracked Rand. Perrin can smell that Bera and Kiruna are vying for leadership, although Merana is the alleged leader of the Salidar embassy. Perrin enjoys being reunited with Dannil, Ban and the others from Emond's Field.

On the tenth day after leaving the city, he receives a sending from the wolves that he must hurry. There are many humans.

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