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Sleepweavers are ter'angreal that allow a person access to Tel'aran'rhiod. When Liandrin and her group of thirteen Aes Sedai leave the Tower, they steal several sleepweavers, each last studied by Corianin Nedeal (TDR, Ch. 21). They use them to access tel'aran'rhiod. Some sleepweavers allow access to the World of Dreams to anyone who touches it and they are able to channel all five powers. Others only allow partial access, to someone who maintains a weave of spirit, however they can't channel any other powers and appear misty to people who see them. These are considered training ter'angreal (LoC, Ch. 7). The Forsaken do not like others having access to Tel'aran'rhiod and Sheriam is ordered to steal all the copies from the rebel camp. She manages to steal nineteen, which are given to the Black Ajah. When the Black Ajah attack the Tower in Tel'aran'rhiod, they can channel far stronger than the sleepweavers should allow (ToM, Ch. 37).

Known Sleepweavers

  • A ring carved from stone, all flecks and stripes of blue and brown and red, and too large to be a finger ring, allows anyone full access as long as it is touching them when they sleep (TDR, Ch. 21).
  • A disc, apparently of simple iron yet untouched by rust, three inches in diameter, finely engraved on both sides with a tight spiral. Allows a person partial access to Tel'aran'rhiod (TDR, Ch. 25).
  • A plaque no longer than a hand, apparently clear amber yet hard enough to scratch steel, with a sleeping woman somehow carved into the middle of it (TSR, Ch. 11).

Possible Sleepweavers

  • A rod of clear crystal, smooth and perfectly clear, one foot long and one inch in diameter (TDR, Ch. 25).
  • A figurine of an unclothed woman in alabaster, one hand tall (TDR, Ch. 25).