Songs That Remind You Of WoT

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Author: Whil al'Gwin

Essay submitted for raising to Youngling

Assignment: name five song that remind you of specific passages in the books (and motivate of course).

Try not to elaborate he says. Pffft

Okay then! Let's get crackin here. First of all is Dream Theater with "Through Her Eyes". This song brings to mind TSR, Ch. 10. Rand tries in vain to bring a young girl back to life after the Shadowspawn attack the Stone of Tear. The song itself is haunting and pretty, the lyrics also detailing the pain felt at the thought of a young girl taken before her time.

Moving right along to my second song, Murder By Death's "Until Morale Improves, the Beatings Will Continue". The tongue-in-cheek song title aside, the song is about a man walking miles without water or food on his way back to his hometown, where he'll face the devil in a fight to the death. It reminds me quite a bit of Rand and Mat's journey alone down the Caemlyn Road in The Eye of the World. The song brings to mind an endless dusty road, with the sun beating down from a cloudless sky.

Another one from The Eye of the World! Yes sir! Interpol with their totally depressingly great song "The New". A great darkly atmospheric breakup tune. It reminds me of the end of TEotW, the last conversation between Rand and Egwene. Now you could argue that they don't technically end the feelings they have for each other for another book or two, but for me this has always been the end for them. Breaks my heart, this song breaks my hear too. MY POOR LITTLE HEART!

In TGH, Ch. 8 Rand has to go before the Amyrlin and all that awful stuff. Lan goes out of his way to protect Rand as much as he can, instructing him on how to act, essentially to bullspit his way through the whole thing. Bright Eyes' song "False Advertising" is what comes to mind here. A song about being manipulated, feeling hopeless but trying your best "when all anyone's listening for are the mistakes"

FINALLY we have The Mars Volta and their song "Take the Veil Cerpin Taxt". You might not feel me on this one but this whole song reminds me of Rand's battles with saidin. The song is chaotic, several messed up time changes, blasts of noise, and the lyrics crying desperate for help or some form of control. Right to the end when he loses the very feeling he was battling against, singing "who turned it off?"