The Great Hunt: Chapter 8

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Author: Amara Danicek

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The Dragon Reborn

Chapter Icon: Dragon's Fang

Points of View: Rand, Siuan, Nynaeve, Egwene


Siuan tells Rand he is the Dragon Reborn but that he is free to go his own way. Rand tells her he will not be used.


Rand's Point of View:

Characters: Rand, Lan, Leane, Moiraine, Siuan, Verin

Setting: Fal Dara, Women's quarters

Rand and Lan continue the short way to the Amyrlin's room. Rand grows increasingly nervous and walks stiffly. Lan yells at him to perform "Cat Crosses the Courtyard." When they arrive they find the door guarded only by women and Rand half expects to be turned away because of their swords. Instead he is told to enter with the women giving him sidelong looks.

When they confront Leane Sedai she comments on Rand's behavior, saying he was not so sure earlier. When he enters he sees Verin Sedai, Moiraine Sedai, Leane Sedai and, of course, the Amyrlin. Lan is informed he is not allowed to enter but before leaving whispers to Rand "Tai'shar Manetheren!" Rand is instantly worried about being gentled. The Aes Sedai grumble about Lan "getting at him" with his "Warder ways." When the Amyrlin questions about the sword Moiraine tells her of how Tam found Rand. She has Verin test the blade. Rand is given a choice to go with Ingtar to retrieve the Horn and Mat's dagger or to stay behind alone. He chooses to go with Ingtar. It is after this that Siuan lets him know she knows he can channel. Rand protests, saying he doesn't want to and will not channel ever again. Siuan tells him he will channel whether he wishes to or not and had better learn to control it.

Rand asks why she isn't gentling him and Siuan tells him it's because he is the Dragon Reborn. Rand again protests and tells them he will not be a false Dragon on a leash. He lists off other false Dragons from the past. When they demand to know where he heard those names he tells them that Thom told him.

The Amyrlin still insists that he is the real Dragon Reborn and has Moiraine tell of the story of how he was found on the slopes of Dragonmount and how they dedicated themselves to searching for him. He again asks what they are going do to him and he is told "Nothing", that he must fulfill the Prophecies; and the he leaves.

Siuan's Point of View:

Characters: Siuan, Moiraine, Verin

Setting: Fal Dara, Women's quarters

Siuan, Moiraine and Verin sit in silence for a while after Rand had left. They all agree that what they have done was neccessary, because the Prophecies must be fulfilled.

Nynaeve's Point of View:

Characters: Nynaeve, Nisura, Lan, Moiraine

Setting: Fal Dara, Women's quarters

Nynaeve feels a storm coming which she knows isn't weather this time. She sees Rand and decides that he must be this "storm." She quickly learns that he has come from the Amyrlin and she switches to high gear in searching for him. Instead she comes upon Lan, whom asks to speak to her but is put off coldly by Nynaeve. Lan gives her his signet ring and promises to come if she ever needs help. As she is day dreaming about Lan, Moiraine comes up upon her. Nynaeve demands to know what the Amyrlin did to Rand. Moiraine reassures her that she is seeing all three of the ta'veren, not just Rand. Still Nynaeve threatens Moiraine.

Egwene's Point of View:

Characters: Rand, Egwene, Nisura, Agelmar, Kajin

Setting: Fal Dara, Women's quarters

Egwene is busy packing when Nynaeve comes in and tells her to hurry. After being called Wisdom, Nynaeve tells Egwene not to call her that any more. Just then Nisura comes and tells them Rand is trying to come in and see them. Egwene goes to speak to him alone. Rand says his goodbyes saying that he doesn't think he'll ever see her again. When he turns to leave Egwene begins to cry. Nisura tells her not to let him see her crying over him and that Nynaeve wants her.


Visions and Prophecy

  • The Dragon will be of the Ancient Blood raised by the Old Blood

The Two Rivers have been isolated for around 2000 and it is remarked the old blood is strong there. The Aiel have been isolated even longer, so are likely the Ancient Blood

Character Development

  • He had intended to go into the meeting with Rand.
  • Gives Nynaeve his ring.
  • He promises to come if Nynaeve ever calls
  • Still intends to go to Tar Valon for revenge on Moiraine.
  • Tries to refuse Lan’s ring.
  • No longer thinks she will marry Rand.
  • Wants to help Rand once she is an Aes Sedai.
  • Despite knowing Moiraine cannot lie, still refuses to accept he is the Dragon reborn
  • He is concerned about being gentled


How did Moiraine learn about Tam?
Why is Moiraine so sure Thom is not dead?

It could be something Min told her. The alternate explanation, that the death of a gleeman would have caused more of a stir is unconvincing.

Why does Moiraine claim that the Amyrlin set them to searching?

Probably just Moiraine putting a positive spin on things. We know that the Amyrlin didn't actually set them searching.

What does Verin mean by “He is much stronger than expected?”

She shouldn't be able to sense his strength in the Power, but she could mean his strength of will, or some such.

How is Nynaeve able to sense a non weather storm?

She hasn’t been practicing, so we wouldn’t expect her abilities to change.


First Mention

Tomas, Alric, Gitara Moroso

First Appearance

Kajin, Nisura


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.


How did Moiraine learn about Tam?

She did have Tam's name when she began the search, but had apparently lost it.


“I suppose the Blacksmith will wear a crown and speak in High Chant”

Though we haven't seen Perrin wear a crown, Faile may well be Queen after the death of Tenobia and her parents. No high chant however.

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