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A Talent is an ability that a person who can channel has, that those who do not channel are not able to do. The word is used fairly ambiguously, for a number of situations. For a list of Talents, see Talents

1) Talents that don't seem to use weaves

These can neither be learnt nor taught. They include foretelling, seeing Ta'veren and probably Listening to the Wind.

2) Talents that only some people have the ability to do

This includes stopping a gateway from closing or reading residues.

3) Talents most people can do, but the extent of the ability varies

These are not dependant in strength in the One Power and though they can be learned, some people will have minor abilities, while others, who may be weaker in the Power, could have much greater. Examples include Healing and Cloud Dancing.

4) Talents that anyone can do, that depend primarily on strength, but occasinally a person will have far greater ability than their strength would suggest

These include weaves such as Traveling, which is often referred to as a Talent, but other than Androl, is just a matter of having sufficient strength to form a gateway or to make it work. Shielding would also fall in this category

5) Talents that depend solely on strength

Weaves that anyone can perform are still sometimes referred to as Talents