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Foretelling is a Talent possessed by some people who are able to channel the One Power. It gives them an ability to get a glimpse of the future, though this is often clouded and couched in difficult to interpret language. During the early days of the Breaking, a number of Aes Sedai had foretellings about the Last Battle, which were eventually collected into the the Karaethon Cycle. The Talent is not related to strength, the weakest channeler could be able to Foretell as strongly as Nicola or Elaida, or even stronger (Robert Jordan's Blog, Tuesday, October 4th, 2005). Foretelling typically takes a person by surprise (LoC, Ch. 14; ACoS, Prologue), though the Seanchan believe that any damane can tell a fortune. They are mistaken in the belief that any damane can do it, but it is not clear if they are also mistaken that foretellings can be called on demand (Robert Jordan's blog, Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005).

People with the Foretelling







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In addition to historical foretellings, that told of the coming of the Dragon and of the Car'a'carn, there have been other examples during the books, that dealt with the aftermath of the Last Battle and again with the lead up to it.